How To Prevent Cat Hoarse Meow?

The meowing cat may not sound right or not sound at all. It might sound as though it’s lost its meow altogether. There can be a lot of reasons why your cat has lost its meow and went hoarse. Sometimes, they just meow too much. And yet sometimes it is caused by a bacterial infection or a common cold. Yes, cats just like humans can get a cold. There is however a few more serious causes for cat hoarse meow such as polyps in the nasal passage but these can be determined by a veterinarian should the hoarseness of your cat not get any better within a few days.

Things that you can do

Never give your cat cold medicine! Believe it or not some people have. It’s not meant for cats it is for humans only. Time is the best thing for your cat if it is coughing and sneezing and you can hear hoarseness in its meowing. And if this is prolonged take it to the veterinarian for antibiotics. The cold will pass with the time just as it does in adults and children.

When your cat is hoarse?

Always remember however when your cat is hoarse it probably has a cold. And it won’t feel much like eating. Just like when you have a sore throat. So don’t get too alarmed. Just keep an eye on your cat and watch it. Over a few days it should start to feel better and want to eat more. Keep in mind how you feel and relate that to your cat. Keep your cat warm and in a comfortable place to get over its cold and recuperate.

Hoarseness only lasts a few days

Your cat should only be hoarse for a few days. After that you might have to take it to the veterinarian. If this is the case, the veterinarian might prescribe antibiotics or medication. Sometimes there are more serious conditions as to why your cat is hoarse. Hyperthyroidism is one of those conditions that can cause cat hoarseness. This condition is more serious and should have a veterinarian look at promptly. If your cat is losing weight take your cat to the vet immediately.

What the veterinarian will do?

The veterinarian will run tests to find out if your cat has a simple common cold or other serious condition going on that needs further attention. Blood work will probably be taken and its throat will most likely be looked at too. It won’t take long for the veterinarian to get the results back as to what is wrong with your cat either.

They can usually diagnose the problem rather quickly. It is better to know than to not know and taking it to the veterinarian is always a good idea. A healthy cat is a happy cat.

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