How to prevent dog bites?

Dogs are in fact the most beautiful creation of God. They are our companions in good and bad times. A dog is the “symbol of loyalty.” Have you ever noticed what the scariest part about having a dog is? Yeah you guessed it right! Even your most tamed dog can bite you. It is one of the most serious health risks especially for kids. A dog bites not only causes you pain but infects you with germs as well, leading to a number of diseases including the most dangerous one Rabies.

Why dogs bite?

Dogs bite when they feel threat from you. Illness can be another cause too. When you run away from a dog, it may provoke a behavior in him to bite you. A tease could possibly lead you to get pain from your most favorite dog. In short, whenever a dog feels discomfort from any of your act, there are most likely chances of being bitten by him.



  • If a stray dog approaches you, stay quiet and stop wherever you are. It will not worsen the situation and will keep the dog calm.
  • Ask pet owner before playing/petting his dog.
  • Always let your children play with dog in supervision. Never ever let them play alone even if they are playing with your family dog. In this way, you can prevent dog bites.
  • Teach your children how to approach a dog. They should be slow not fast and calm not aggressive around a dog.
  • Understand the behavior of your dog. How he reacts on particular situations and what should be done to calm him down. it is another way to prevent dog bites.
  • Train your dog from the very beginning and practice it throughout his life. It will reduce his habit of biting and saves you from pain.
  • Let your dog socialize. Make him interact with different kinds of people including children and old people. This will let him remain calm and train him how to behave around people.
  • Let your dog pass through a variety of situations like loud speakers, heavy machines and a large group of people. Any possible thing which may ignite fear in him should be already exposed to him. It helps in preventing dog bites and saves you from infections.
  • Let your dog sniff before petting him. It increases familiarity between you and your dog; it will make your dog more comfortable with you while playing.
  • Curl up in a ball if you ever get knocked down by a dog. In this way, your eyes and face remain protected.


  • Don’t physically abuse your dog. Avoid violating punishments to prevent his normal behavior turning into aggressive one.
  • Don’t disturb your dog when he’s sleeping. A disturb sleep can even irritate a human. It may lead to disturbing behavior of your dog which in turn leads him to bite.
  • If a dog is sick or is injured, never ever tease him or tries to be free to him. He may bite you because he is not well.
  • Don’t disturb a dog while eating. Even humans don’t like it. Food is life!
  • Don’t run towards or away from a dog.
  • If a dog is caring for puppies, avoid disturbance. It turns on aggression and then leads to biting activities.
  • Never let your child play activities with your dog which are full of aggression. It will start bringing changes into your dog behavior.
  • Don’t panic on unfamiliar approaches. Don’t scream. It turns into unwanted situations.
  • Avoid direct eye contact if a dog is behaving in threatening manner.
  • Don’t play with a dog if his owner has denied for giving you the permission. He knows his dog better than you.


“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”  -Kinky Friedman

Treat your dog with care and love; train him from the very beginning. Practice situations with him and try your best not to disturb him to avoid unavoidable situations. The more you love him, the more he becomes loyal to you and the more secure you are from dog bites.

As we know:

“Prevention is better than cure.”

It’s better to prevent yourself rather to get injections and to bear pain.

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