How To Read Pet Food Labels?

Choosing a cat food for your cat is not a hard task, there are many types of cat foods available that you can choose from. All the ingredients are labeled on the packaging; so before choosing the food for your cat, must read them out. It’s important for every pet cat owner to know if the cat food is safe and that’s why you should know how to read pet food labels carefully.

Before starting, one must know that what a pet food label is: it is a legal document that is approved by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). It is a way through which the pet owner can know what’s added in the food by the food manufacturer.

The things labeled on the cat food are as follows:

Product name:

The product name on the cat food mostly shows the key ingredients, but sometimes it’s not written.

Weight: How much weight it contains?

Special statement: On the packing of the cat food, it is specifically written that it is only for cats that’s because there are cats who demands some special proteins that are added in it.

Ingredients: Chicken and lamb whatever is added is written in the ingredients of the product, they are added in dry form in the content. One must know that there is a big difference between nutrition and ingredients, ingredients are the sources of providing nutrition. Nutrients are the food particles that make the metabolic system better. The ingredient list is mentioned in the descending order, dry contents are written separately and wet content like beef and chicken are mentioned separately as dry ingredients weighs less and wet weighs more.

Guaranteed analysis:

  • It is used to indicate minimum and the maximum level of proteins, fiber and fats added in the product.
  • It does not show exact level of the nutrients added.
  • The level of the moisture a cat food contains varies, which makes it impossible to compare the nutritional information.

Toll free number of the manufacturer: On the pack of the cat food, the number, email id and the name of the manufacturer is mentioned. You can call the manufacturing companies and ask anything you want to know about the product, doing this you can have the opportunity to learn more about actual nutrient content, calories and proteins amount etc.

Calories content: There is a difference in the amount of calories in almost all the cat foods; even the foods of same type have the difference as well. The directions for feeding are also different as the amount of calories delivered in a single meal is different. The statement written is shown as “kilo calories per kilogram?; calories and kilo calories have the same meaning.

Feeding directions: Feeding directions explain how to feed the product to the cat. Feeding directions are usually known as general guidelines. Before buying cat food, one must consult the veterinary doctor.

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