How to take care of a new puppy?

When you have a newly born puppy at your home or you have adopted a new puppy of few days old at home it will require a great care from you. Then this question will arise in your mind that how to take care of a new puppy which is just few days old? No need to worry about it now. You can give it a proper care at home as it is your part of family now but you have to keep this thing in your mind that the puppy is sensitive and you have to treat it like a sensitive rose.

Is this puppy right for you?

This question must be answered before taking the puppy at home. Some puppies or dogs are born in a cold climate and are used to it so they cannot exist in the hot weather and same for the hot climate puppy’s species that cannot bear low temperature. If you are adopting the puppy for special purpose like for some exercise involving duty  then this thing is very important to know that it will bear the hectic routine or not.

Provide the right place

The most important thing is which place you give your puppy at your home for the rest and all day activities? Because the puppy is young so it requires a lot of care all the time and eye check to prevent it from the things which are not good for it. So, give it the right place which can be a corner in your bedroom, kitchen or living room where you can keep an eye on it easily.

Separate bowls for food

Buy separate bowls for your puppy, one for food and one for water and it must be of steel (stainless steel) to avoid any damage which can occur with the glass bowl. If you have any other pet at home then keep their eating bowl separate to provide your sensitive puppy healthy food in a healthy environment. And at feeding time, separate them from each other to prevent any fight because animals mostly start fighting if any of them doesn’t get enough food.

Make a comfy bed

For giving your puppy a full comfort zone make a soft and comfortable bed. The comfortable bed can contain a soft pillow in a crate with snuggle nest or you can use any other soft option for your puppy whatever is suitable for you

Choose the best quality food

The most important thing is the food that what quality and what kind of food you are giving to your puppy. You must choose the best quality dog food for your cute angle but make sure that the food is right according to the needs of your puppy. For this purpose it is better to take an advice of a veterinarian and give the dog food which he advices you. There are different dog foods available in the market at reasonable prices.

Always choose the one which is best liked by your puppy and suggested by the vet.

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