How To Talk To Your Cat?

Communication is a never ending process, communication started with the start of life on the earth and it ends with the end of life as well. Communication can take place anywhere, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, one can communicate with words, with sounds, symbols and gestures as well. There is no compulsion for communicating and when you have a pet then you must communicate with it as they understand what you say. A furry friend of yours rather talks to you with purrs and meows, but still you understand that is what communication is.

According to some researches, it has been seen that cats can understand thousands of symbols and they can also communicate with human beings by making thousands of different sounds. There are many ways through which you can communicate with your cat, so if you want to know that how to talk to your cat, here is useful information:

Cats talk through body language

Different animals have different styles of showing their emotions, dogs and cats usually use their tails to tell what they want from their owner. The positing of the tails of cats and their specific movements has different meanings. Some of these positions include:

  • If your cat feels scared, you can get to know it through the tail as the tail of the cat is held low and tucked under the rear if she has such feels, she is also scared if the fur on the tail is straight.
  • If the tail is in the shape of N, then it is the symbol of extreme aggression.
  • If she vibrates her tail, then it is the symbol that your cat is extremely happy and excited for some reason.
  • If the tail of the cat is curling from the end, then it shows that your cat is feeling quite happy.

Cats talk through their eyes

If you want to make a strong bond of friendship with your cat, the best way is to look into the eyes. Cats also talk through eyes with their owner; you can read through their eyes that how they can feel. One thing that you should never do with your cat is to never look straight into their eyes as it can make them feel uncomfortable and a feeling of aggression may arise. You can read the cat’s eyes as:

  • If the pupil of the cat’s eye is dilated, then it is the indication that she wants to play or is feeling excited.
  • If a cat stares directly into your eyes, it means she trusts you.

Specific behaviors have specific indications

If a cat loves you; she expresses it quite easily as if she rubs against you every now and then, it means that she is marking you as her property.

Licking the owner means that the cat trusts you and she considers herself as a member of your family as well. These simple signs and symbols are the ways of knowing that how to talk to your cat and how to understand what she means.

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