How To Train White Chow Chow?

North China originated, big teddy bear looking dogs, chow chow are renowned for their attractive appearance and intellectual skills. Everybody wants one and they all also like people coming into their personal space. Although, white chow chow is among the dominant breeds of dogs and is not always easy to train. Indeed, they don’t have an intense desire to gratify their owner.

Teaching chow to respect you

One of the most important aspects of training a white chow chow is to teach him to respect you. Bribe your dog to do the desired conduct from food or toy. If he does the desired behavior, give him reward. Training must include teaching particular words in particular wayouts so that dog may just recognize the words however he pays courteous approach that makes him happy to obey you. These sounds may include “no!”, “good job!” and “Don’t touch it” etc. Always be fair with your dog. Show him both the positive and negative results so he can make his own choices accordingly.

Solving chow acting glitches

One of the famous questions is how to stop my chow from certain behaving issues. Well, you will never find a button on the back of chow from which you can switch off his mischievous habits. These behaviors may include household damages, barking too much, jump on people, chasing cats and etc. Probably, the answer is to tell your dog, “No, Stop it“. You must communicate to your dog what does No means in different ways at different occasions when he is doing anything wrong. Always maintain an eye contact with your chow.

Potty train your chow

If you want to potty train your chow, you must start training from his early age. Chow puppies are unable to develop a sense of going bathroom but when can start his training, expecting undesired accidents. Don’t allow the chow to go to different areas of house until potty-trained. Keep an eye on your dog and observe his potty routine. They might give signals like whining, sniffing, scratching, etc. and then immediately take your dog outside the house to the specified place.

Socializing your chow

Socializing means to make your dog people friendly so that he may behave well in public gatherings. People usually don’t want to bring their dog in outdoor parties because they start jumping or barking maniacally. The best solution to this problem is to introduce the chow to different peoples. Some chows are fine with women but feel weird with men, perhaps due to the physical appearance such as beard or dark uniforms, so introduce the dog with both men and women. 76% of dogs bite injuries to children as they do not see them as a tiny individual but rather an unpredictable creature with high pitched voices, so make them familiarize to your kids.

Make your dog non prejudice and let him get along with other dogs and animals. Take care of teaching him appropriate actions and let them feel secure.

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