How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks?

Dogs are the source of countless love, such that, they deserve to be appreciated. Doing tricks is a great way of stimulating your dog’s mental health. We shouldn’t be confined in teaching him the obedience orders only. There is variety of dog tricks that you can teach him to do but you first need to know how to train your dog to do tricks below.

High Five

Start by ordering your dog to sit down. Hold the treat visible to him but out of his range. Softly tap one of his feet and repeat “High Five”. As he reaches out for the treat in your hand, catch it with the other hand. Praise him and reward him. Continue this exercise for several times and be firm as you repeat the instructions.

Military Crawl

Some dogs begin crawling without being instructed, like sneaking under the couch. Command your pup to sit, take the treat on to his nose so he can smell and try to get hold of it. Drag it along the floor slowly. If he gets up take away the prize and start from the initial step but as he crawls over the floor immediately give him the treat and compliment him.

Open/Close doors

Teaching your pet dog to open and close doors is an amazing trick but make sure he doesn’t do that to escape the house. Also don’t allow him to jump up the door to get a hold of the handle. Always use ropes to tug open the doors, as many dogs leave scratches or may even break the knob. Tie up the rope and ask your dog to pull it open, as he does treat him.


Saluting is a way of welcoming the guests. Instruct your pup to sit down, take a yellow post it note and stick it above his eyes. As he raises his paw to remove the note, praise him greatly by giving him the treat. Repeat if necessary and be patient.

Walk – backwards

It’s a valuable skill as it develops footwork and coordination. It may be useful when you want your pet to move back from any dangerous thing or animal. Command your dog to stay then take a few steps back and say “back” to your dog. Approach him by repeating the given command. Impulsively they will move back a little, if don’t, then push his paws a little by using your hands or legs.

Playing soccer

Go to a playground and take a large ball that your pet dog cannot pick by his mouth. Put it in front of him and wait for him to start moving the ball, appreciate him.

If he stays still or moves away from the ball gently roll it towards him and encourage him to do the same. Eventually he will learn to do so. Give him the treat as a reward.

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