How to treat ear mites in cats?

Cat ear discharge is one of many different and yet common known infections a feline can get. The most important thing you can do if you believe your cat has this problem is take it to the veterinarian for further medical attention. Cat ear discharge can become a serious problem and can even cause a cat to go deaf in some cases. Below are some of the major signs for mite and ways described on how to treat ear mites in cats.

Some of the signs and symptoms

If your cat is shaking its head a lot or scratching its ears this could mean it is having some type of ear discharge that you can’t see. Yet, in other situations you may actually be able to see the discharge or fluid coming out of your cats ears. In either case you should seek the advice of a veterinarian. The cat could also be agitated or irritable and be uneasy as if it is unable to hear well.

Treatments for cat ear discharge

Many veterinarians have different ways of treating ear infections caused by cat ear discharge. Some might use medication taken orally. And then there are also sprays for the cat’s ears too. Either way you should see an improvement in just a couple of days. Only in rare situations have cats actually lost their hearing because of cat ear discharge. The overall cost for the medication is considered reasonable too.

What you can do for your cat?

Make sure your cat does not get any water in its ears when it has ear discharge. Keeping the ears dry is a must! The veterinarian in most instances will give you a paper telling you what you should and should not do with your cat. Usually keeping your cat indoors while they are healing also helps as well. Avoid letting the cat get too hot and sweaty and overheated to cause the cat to want to itch at is ears causing more damage to the outside of the ear too.

Be sure to keep the cats ears clean and free of any fur that shouldn’t be there. If the veterinarian has given you medication such as ointment, apply it to the cat’s ear exactly as instructed. And of course if you have any other problems with your cat you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Most cats have a full recovery from cat ear discharge without any major complications. The cat’s hearing is not impaired and the discharge is gone within just a couple of days. The veterinarian may want to do a follow up checkup with the cat to be sure the cat ear discharge is completely gone however. It is a good idea to keep this appointment and not believe your cat is fine. Your cat’s health can lead to a long and happy life if it is taken care of properly.

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