How To Trim Kittens Nails?

Cutting the nails of a kitten becomes difficult sometime especially when you are trying to do it at home. But don’t worry about trimming the nails of your kitten because it’s not that much difficult. Only a few things need to be kept in mind and you are done with the trim. It is better to trim the nails of the kitten every after few days to avoid any kind of scratching and injury. It is not only good for you but also for your kitten because by trimming, nail prevents the claws to grow inward into the pads of the kitten which can become the cause of pain and infection in its claws. Here you will know the complete guide about how to trim kittens nails in the best possible way.

Nails trimming tools

Tools that are required before starting the clipping of kittens nails are a scissor, nail cutter, cloth and treat for your kitten that will keep the kitten feel happy during trimming. If you want to know learn how to cut the nails of your kitten then these things are must required before stepping toward the trimming.

Prepare the cat

Mostly cats are a little bit skittish when they have to take a nail trim especially for a kitten because kittens are a little bit naughty and they do not stay still while having nail trim. Make the kitten ready for the trim by giving it the treats. It’s a very important part because if you want to know how to trim kitten nails then this is the main thing of this trimming process because if you can’t make the kitten get relaxed while having a trim then it can hurt it and can cause injury.

Step for trimming the kitten’s nails

  • Try to use a soft nail cutter for the trim because kittens are very sensitive so sharp edges can hurt them.
  • Before cutting, do a slow and soft massage of the kitten’s claw, it will relax it and will extend the nails then it will get easier to cut them.
  • Start the trimming but make sure that you only cut the edges of the sharp nails.
  • If the cat is not in a mood to have the trim then do not force it, just wait for the right time, one of the best times when it can be done easily is when it is sleeping or after the meal because after the meal mostly it feels a little lazy.
  • Always keep silver nitrate strips and cotton balls near.


There are some precautionary measures that you must know while trimming kitten’s nails. There should be a separate first aid box placed nearby while having a trim and also check the claws and pads to make sure that there is no cut on the kitten’s skin because of the trimming. It’s better to go for a veteranian than to do it at home but if you really feel like you can do it on your own then this article is much helpful for you to perform kitten nails trimming avoiding any injury.

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