Insuring Yourself When You Train Horses

We all know about the importance of health, life, auto and home insurance. However, many are surprised to learn just how essential horse trainer insurance is for those in the industry. Horses that require training range from green horses that just need to learn basic saddle and handling manners to abused horses requiring special treatment.

Protection If You Instruct Other Trainers

Another reason for proper insurance coverage is if you’re involved with training other instructors. One of the most important things to remember in these circumstances is that you are largely responsible for the success of these trainers-to-be. Because of your status as an expert, the public will treat you as being partially responsible for the success or failure of those you’ve trained.

Why Both General and Professional Liability Are Necessary?

General and professional liability are both necessary because of the impact of what a horse trainer does, especially if they make money instructing other trainers. For example, one of the things you might be doing for other trainers is providing certification. By providing certification, you are attesting to their competency.

Maximizing Your Investment and Protections

Horse training is often a fairly lucrative business, which makes protecting your investment all the more important. Any other trainers that you instruct and certify will be regarded as having your endorsement, which is always helpful to keep in mind. Because of your level of responsibility, you will also need a high level of protection.

Considerations for Horse Rescuers

As the animal rescue community expands to accommodate a greater variety of activities, there are more trainers interested in working with rescue horses. Giving others instruction on how to train horses rescued from abuse or neglect situations is personally rewarding. However, rescue horses who have suffered abuse or poor socialization may pose a safety liability to their owners or riders, increasing the personal liability of those involved with their training.

Horse-related insurance may seem like a difficult product to navigate, but it is worth the time and money. When you choose wisely, you’ll be pleased with being able to do what you love for work without worry.

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