Is pet shampoo really suitable for your pet?

Keeping a dog at home shoulders some great responsibilities on the owner. Reason being, if your dog is not clean then it can cause serious health threat to the other residents of the house. So, being the owner of the dog, you definitely need to keep your dog clean.

Suitable time of bath

Having a pet at home is similar to having a baby at home. The pet can’t take care of himself so you have to be very responsible and take care of every need of your pet. Most of the people are confused about the appropriate time of bathing their pet and want to know the answer to the query how often should you wash your dog. Some people think that pets should be bathed every day, while some think that bathing your pet once every two months is sufficient. Here we need to keep in mind that the structure of animal skin is quite different from the structure of human skin. Human skin gets dirty on a regular basis so needs regular bathing. But pets are different.

Dog skin

Pet skin is different; especially the dog skin is very delicate and contains half the density of human skin. If you bath your dog on a regular basis then his skin will lose all the essential oils and will start becoming dead. The hair on the surface of dog’s skin will lose its freshness and will become dry. So, you need to find out the suitable time of bathing your dog and need to figure out that how much interval is healthy for your dog.


Bathing your dog at home once every three weeks is really great as it won’t affect his skin in a negative way plus it will also keep him fresh for the rest three weeks.

What to use while bathing your pet?

Although most of the people are in favor of using a pet shampoo while bathing your dog because dog shampoo is usually mild and doesn’t affect the eyes of your pets. But recent research has suggested something that is quite alarming for all the pet owners.

Alarming secret behind a pet shampoo

Although pet shampoos do clean the body of your dog and removes all sorts of Tick and Fleas from the coat but it can affect the eyes of your beloved dog due to high level of chemicals available in the content. All pet shampoos, without any doubt contain high amount of chemicals because low amount of chemicals in the shampoos are not able to clear your dog of any Tick or Fleas.

Is baby shampoo ok?

Although some people use baby shampoos while bathing their pets so the eyes of their pets remain safe from any sort of chemical reaction but using baby shampoo to bath your pet is not a good idea. Again you must keep in mind that human babies have different skin structure from a dog. Pet shampoo contains moisturizing content in very high level that can make the dog coat hard and sticky. As a result your dog will keep on licking his coat and will feel extremely irritated at all times.

Secret solution revealed!

Well, yes there is a secret solution to this issue and that is if you are washing your dog then you must wash his body with the pet shampoo but apply a baby shampoo over his face. In this way your dog won’t have to live with sticky body and his eyes will also remain chemical free.

If your pet lives a healthy life then you will also live a happy, confident life because a healthy pet always showers your home with his love and loyalty.

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