Know the interesting facts about reptiles

Below mentioned are some very interesting facts about reptiles. Reading them will let you know the worth of their existence on the earth.

  • Reptiles are considered as among the longest lived species around the globe. For instance, large tortoises use to live for almost 150 years.
  • The majority of snakes are recorded to be as non-venomous.
  • According to a recent survey, bee sting is the cause of majority of Americans as compared to that of snake’s bite.
  • Some species of snakes can easily survive for more than a month without eating anything. Big constrictors are best examples of this type of reptiles.
  • It is believed that reptiles are not able to tolerate cold but this is not true in case of all reptiles. Some reptiles are able to swim under cold icy lakes. This very scene can easily be seen in the lakes of United States. Blanding turtles are among one of them.
  • Some reptiles use their tongue in order to capture particles of scent. Lizards as well as snakes are best example of this fact. These do not smell things with the help of their nose because they use their tongue for this purpose. They hunt food by doing the same.
  • Some reptiles eat eggs of other animals. African snakes are perfect example of this fact. These snakes eat whole eggs of other animals.
  • Skull of some reptiles such as snakes is not a single piece of bone. There are so many tiny bones that are intersected with each other to make the skull of these reptiles.
  • The majority of reptiles change their body color when they are in different background area. Chameleons are not among these reptiles. They do not change their body color.

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