Learn how to care for newborn birds?

Newly born baby birds seem like the most adorable creatures in the world. Like every other mother, mother bird tends to care too much for her little ones. But accidents do happen and accidently one of her baby can fall out of the nest. Many times we get the chance to see newly hatched baby birds screaming their lungs out in their nest but what if one of them accidently falls out of the nest right into our path. How to care for newborn birds seems like a very tough task to most of the people but by following few simple steps this mission can easily be fulfilled.

Types of newly hatched birds

There are two types of birds that dwell upon the planet earth. First is the category of those birds that walk on the earth for instance chicken, duck or quail. The other category is of those birds that live in nests such as sparrow or owl. The babies of the first category of birds don’t need much care from their parents as they become self sufficient after a few hours of their birth. But the baby birds that are born in nests need constant care and attention until they get big enough to take care of themselves. The walking birds are known as precocial and nest dwelling birds are known as altricial.

If you have a baby bird in your hands and don’t know how to take care of it then at first you must determine the age of that baby bird because each age phase of the baby requires different care.

The baby birds are usually born with egg tooth and if that egg tooth has disappeared then it means that the bird is three days old. If the baby is naked and reveals only pin feathers then it means that the baby bird is only one week old. When the baby bird turns more feathery and open’s its eyes then it means that the baby bird has turned the age of two weeks. Three week old babies are completely covered in feathers and are jumping around inside the nest. Four to six week old birds will be flying out of the nest.

How to take proper care of baby birds?

  • The first issue is to find the appropriate place to keep the baby bird. A small sized shoe box or any plastic container is suitable to keep the baby bird. Next thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep the baby bird in a warm place so it won’t get ill. Now, you need to create a nest inside that box with old socks, sweat shirts and pieces of some thick clothes.
  • Next thing to do is to bring the temperature of the area to around 100 degrees because baby birds are very delicate and can only survive in high temperature.
  • Always keep in mind to warm up the baby bird before feeding it, don’t ever try to feed a cold baby bird.
  • In order to feed the bird you must get some birds food from the market otherwise you can also use some cat or dog dried feed. Before giving the feed you must soak it in the water for few minutes. Break it into small pieces when it gets tender and feed with the help of tweezers. Don’t give water to baby bird.

By following the above mentioned simple steps you can easily feed the baby bird. Remember to feed the baby in little episodes after each hour so it won’t starve.

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