Low cost flea remedies for cats and dogs

There are many different kinds of low cost flea remedies for cats and dogs have been developed with years of experience. The successful results of the various kinds of flea remedies ensure the end of the harmful and dangerous fleas from your pets and home. Fleas are the main reason of many infectious diseases and harmful germs which may approach your family and your beloved pets. They do not only cause embarrassment but also are the reason of different kinds of infectious diseases.

It is difficult to get rid of these fleas without any kind of guaranteed treatments which are sometimes so much expensive that a common man cannot afford it generally. So, here we are going to introduce some guaranteed and low cost flea remedies which can be helpful for end of the fleas from your home.

Yeast tablets

Yeast tablets are commonly available at different brewers and pet stores which keep these tablets owing to their unlimited benefits. Yeast tablets are found effective as low cost flea remedies. However, they are found to be more inexpensive from brewers store than pet’s store.

Garlic medicines

There are wonderful garlic tablets available in the market as the effective remedy for plants as well as flea remedies. The garlic capsules are found to be well proven as the low cost remedy for fleas.

Homemade flea shampoos

There are different kinds of homemade flea shampoos which are found to be good for end of fleas in your homes. However, this recipe is going to the wonderful kind of low cost flea remedy. You need few drops of liquid soap and water and mix them well to make a good lathered shampoo. This one will be effectively wonderful in bringing about desired results

Presence of herbal plants

Fleas are found to allergic to some specific kind of herbs. The herbal plants like eucalyptus, rose pennyroyal, and lavender are found to be good for keeping fleas away. You should plant some of these herbs in your home or place their pots at the place where the fleas are in majority and see the wonderful results. The extracts of these herbal plants are also found to be equally good and effective.

Listerine and water mixture

The Listerine and water mixture in an equal proportion is also known to be good and inexpensive liquid for keeping fleas away from your pets and your homes.

Inexpensive flea spray

You can spray in your home and pet place in order to kill the fleas. Different kinds of flea sprays are available in the market which can serve the purpose well. However, vinegar, water, witch hazel and lemon juice work wonders for killing of fleas. All you need is to make the spray in required proportions and then spray regularly till the death of every single flea from your home and gardens. Take care while preparing the spray mixture so that the desired results can be attained within few days.

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