Older dog not eating problems solved

Being a pet owner you need to take care of every need of your pet. If your dog is ill then it is your responsibility to take him to a vet and nurse him back to health. You have the responsibility to bath, feed and exercise your dog. Older dog not eating problems occur due to the old age or lack of teeth but it is also your responsibility to help your dog take his diet properly.

When a dog is not able to take his diet properly then you need to check whether his teeth are functioning properly or not. If his teeth are not functioning properly then he might be showing the following symptoms:

  • Drooling
  • Bad breath
  • Lack of food intake
  • Loss of appetite
  • Discolored teeth
  • Blood from the teeth
  • Pus from the teeth
  • Swelling in the mouth

If your dog is facing the above mentioned symptoms then you need to take him to a vet for his dental checkup. Some of the dogs who have lost most of their teeth are not able to chew the food even after the dental treatment so in order to solve this issue you need to make some changes to the diet plan of your dog.

Try to go for dry food items

If your dog is having dental issues then its best to switch to dry food items. You can easily get such items from any vet or dog food store. Such items are very beneficial for your dog because these can be easily broken, chewed and swallowed plus these items won’t even stick to your dog’s teeth so his teeth will also remain safe from any sort of damage.

The only issue with senior dog dry food is that it can only be given if your dog still possesses sufficient number of teeth to break and chew these food items.

Try to go for soft food items

Although doctors strongly recommend not going for soft dog food for old dogs because it is not really good for dog’s health but if your dog has severe dental issues and is facing lack of diet then its best to try this option.

If you feed your dog with soft food any sort of cereal then he can easily nibble on it and swallow it in a jiffy without even feeling the need to use his teeth. If you are not able to find ready-made soft food for senior dogs from the market then you can easily blend different food items at home for your little one and feed him with these yummy items.

Some other food suggestions

If your dog is still eating soft food but you feel that his nutritional requirements have not been fulfilled then you can also provide him with:

  • Scrambled eggs to fulfill protein requirements
  • Cooked and mashed green vegetables to fulfill vitamin and minerals requirements
  • Yoghurt to fulfill his calcium and protein requirements
  • Cooked and blended chicken, fish or turkey for his protein requirements

Always take care of the dental needs of your dog from the start because only you can save him from this dental suffering. It’s strongly recommended to clean his teeth on a regular basis and prevent giving too much gummy, sticky or canned food to your dog. You can only keep your old dog healthy and active by keeping his teeth healthy.

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