The ideal pet for your zodiac sign

If you are thinking of buying a pet, and you are not sure which one – you don’t have to decide for yourself – let the stars do it for you.

Aries: Dog

Born in the sign of Aries, they always lead their “flock.” That is why a dog, faithful and loyal, who considers his man a leader, listens and follows everywhere, is an ideal choice.

Taurus: Turtle

Because the Tauruses are known to be pretty restless, the turtle could be a counterbalance. Turtles are calm, slow-moving creatures, but their hard armor is similar to Taurus’s character – it denies influence and suggestion.

Gemini: Rabbit

Rabbits are curious, playful, and continually sniffing around. They have this in common with Gemini, so a cute little bunny would be your ideal pet.

Cancer: Lizard

Cancers are “ordinary” people who don’t like to stand out too much, so their pets must be noticeable. Lizards love routine and warmth – do you see any similarities with yourself?

Leo: A bird

With the bird, you will get Zuzu with your Simba. Plus, you love it when everything revolves around you, so the bird – which jumps and flies around all day – is the perfect pet for you.

Virgo: Chameleon

Chameleons are looking for an infinite amount of love, which is good because that’s how you treat others. Besides, you will feel that a continually changing and adaptable being truly understands you.

Libra: Porpoise

You love when there are small creatures around you, but that there are not too many responsibilities around them. That is why a porpoise is a perfect pet for you. It is obedient and eager for love – as you are.

Scorpio: Hedgehog

You and the spiky animal have a lot in common. You both seem “barbed” at first glance, but when you trust someone, you instantly become gentle.

Sagittarius: Horse

Born in the sign of Sagittarius love to stay in nature and to be free and independent. Therefore, the horse would be your ideal friend.

Capricorn: Cat

Since you are reluctant to dedicate your free time to a pet, a cat is an ideal animal for you. They are easy to take care of – just like you. You have something else in common: you’re both pretty vain. And the best part: they will understand your capriciousness – because cats are like that.

Aquarius: Little pig

You’re original, so your pet must be. Do you know anyone having a little pig at home? That’s why a pig is a perfect pet for you. Original and unique.

Pisces: Fish

Um, now you sure think it’s not particularly original? Fish for Pisces? Yes, but if it fits, then it fits. They don’t speak, they don’t smell, and they don’t seek attention. Just feed them once a day and let them be the best decoration in your home. Taking care of them will be as easy as playing sex games for android or minecraft porn games.