What do I do about my pet’s behavioral issue?

The unusual behavior of dogs is a very common problem to the owners and these issues sometimes create a mishandled situation for the owners. This makes the annoying habits for the dog as well as the owner because this type of situation is very unusual for the dogs. If you are having this behavioral issue with your dog or you have been a new dog owner then you should know that the solution is available for these problems and will be discussed in the article.

Identify the issue

If you think that your dog is not going usual to his life then you should seek for the problem which is causing this problem. Some of the common problems for the dogs include extra barking, chewing, exciting too much, begging for food, not following you, your dog is feeling anxious or he is feeling lazy. All of these problems are common to most of the dogs and their owner but there are solutions to these problems.

After identifying the problem you should remember that you have to care for your dog much more than before because the solutions to these problems are similar to treatment to illness. The dogs should care with softness and kindness just like humans. Following are the solutions to common behavioral issues:

Aggressive behavior

If your dog is showing aggressive behavior towards you then you should remember that it can be dangerous for anyone. You can easily identify this problem by seeing whether your dog bare his teeth when you are playing or helping him? Whether he is showing aggression for this food? If these types of symptoms are getting into action then you should take immediate action for these problems.

The basic solutions for these problems include limiting the dog into his activities and trying to make the positivity in his behavior. Take some actions to make a decrease in the emotional response of the dog.

One of the best things to do is to hire any dog trainer because they knew the tricks and skills to make your dog an unaggressive dog.

Whining or Barking 

It happens sometimes that your dog starts barking very unusual and this thing may disturb you as well as your belongings like a neighbor. The facts about the identification of this type of problem are to see whether he is barking unwantedly or there is something that causes him to bark. There are numerous solutions to this problem. The common solution includes that you should not whine back if he is barking. This is because if you whine back then he will bark back louder is respond.

You should train the dog about being silent when you speak the word like “quiet”. This problem can also be retained through dog trainer especially those who are certified.


This is very natural that the dog usually begs for the food or their favorite toys. This habit is very bad and it throws a negative impact upon the watcher. The common solution is to take care of the belongings of the dog including his food time, his playing time as well as his sleep time. You should know about the time of his food and not only this, but you should also provide his favorite foods and toys to him. In this way, the begging habit will get decrease once he knows that he is getting what he wants.


This is also a natural habit of chewing everything that comes in front of the dog. This can be dangerous for dogs because they never know what is best and what is dangerous for them. After accepting this natural fact, you should take the responsibility of the dog on providing safe and healthy food. Apart from this, you should also take responsibility for providing the food on time and in an appropriate quantity. If the problem continues, then you should notice their favorite foods and provide that food on time. Limiting your dog for some specific chew and toys will make him leave the habit of chewing everything.

The fact about satisfying him should be considered important and you should take action regarding this issue. Thus, this issue can also be solved with the dog trainer or society.