Pets Health Tips For Dog Dental Care

According to a recent survey, there are almost 70 to 80% of dogs are suffering with some major or minor dental issues. These dental issues are there when a dog reaches at the age of 3 years. Normally, dog owners do not pay much attention to the pets health. But if you use your common sense then you get to know that dogs are not able to tell us about their teeth issues or toothaches. So, it is your responsibility to give a proper dental care to your pooch.  For this purpose you can take help from an expert vet. You can also go for doing this at your home as well.

A very important point to keep in your mind is that dog teeth cleaning have different levels. For instance, a cute little puppy needs some basic dental care whereas an adult dog needs some advanced care. Besides this dental care, keep bringing your dog to an expert vet if you can afford dog teeth cleaning cost.

Dental care of a puppy

If you have bought a very cute little puppy whose age is around 8 weeks, you have to start his basic dental care. At this age, puppies have a mouth full of very sharp baby teeth. It is not necessary to give some special kind of dental care to puppy of this age as there are no major issues at all. But if you pay attention to the dog dental care then it not a bad idea. Only a basic or you can say minor examination and cleansing will be enough. Play a game with your puppy in which he has to open his mouth. Then you can rub his teeth very gently with the help of a soft toothbrush. These teeth will soon start falling out when the puppy reaches at the age of 4 months.

Dental care of an adult dog

At the age of 7 months, dog have all its permanent teeth. Now at this level, you have to give a very special and detailed dental care to your dog. It is so because these teeth are going to with him for the rest of his life. You can figure out whether your dog has some dental issues or not by smelling its breath. If your dog has a very bad mouth smell then there is definitely a dog teeth problem. In this case, here is some guide for you to deal with this teeth problem.

  • Canines are very pointy teeth in a dog’s mouth. Clean them properly with the help of a tooth brush.
  • Take care of 12 incisors of your pooch with the help of some water additives.
  • Sharp premolars are 16 in number and in order to clean them, give your dog a meaty bone. Dental chews are also good.
  • Molars are 10 in number and can be kept clean by giving him dog dental care food regularly.

Remember, only health teeth of a dog can lead him to a healthy and balanced life because with healthy teeth, he eats well and performs well.

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