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At we treasure your privacy as our foremost priority that’s why we take great care while making use of your information. Any information you provide, will be used with great responsibility. Below are mentioned the guidelines according to which our privacy policy activates.

The information about you that we hold is gathered on some specific occasions such as when you make any sort of purchase of a product or tend to return or exchange it due to any fault or when we conduct any sort of survey or poll and you participate in it. In such scenarios, we usually collect domain name of the visitor, complete details of what the visitor has accessed on our web page, email id of the visitor, personal information provided by the visitor with his consent, complete name, residential address, fax number, telephone number complete with country code, credit card number and other sorts of payment information.

We use the information provided by our visitors to improve the quality of our website and the services we provide through this website. The information provided by you is basically shared among the members of our team including our contractors and agents who help us to resolve the issues of internal operations. This information is also used by us to contact the consumers and our website visitors to market our future products.

Before providing your personal information to us we want you to keep this in mind that you are allowing us to send you email for marketing and communicating purposes from smartfamilypets. If you are not interested in receiving emails from smartfamilypets then you can easily unsubscribe from our list.

We would also like to declare that the information you will provide to us will be shared to other highly reputed organizations in order to provide a boost to their marketing efforts. You must also keep in mind that our website is legally bound to share your personal information with the government or law enforcing authorities’ upon demand. Your information will also be provided to these authorities if there is any sort of illegal conduct shown by any visitor or unauthorized action has been noticed on the website.

We are also bound to share your information to the future parent companies or current parent companies of smartfamilypets. Your information will also be shared with the subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates and designees. If any sort of consolidation or corporate merger occurs then your information will also be transferred to the future owners of the company.

We also make regular use of the Cookies. Cookies are used by us to keep a complete track of your preferences, session details, your browsing details, etc. Cookies are sent to your computer when you access our website through the help of your browser. Cookies enable us to keep track of the customers that have returned to our website.

We cherish the protection of your personal information at all costs. We have enforced all sorts of security measures to protect your information from any sort of illegal access, misuse, and alteration. If any changes are made to our privacy policy then these changes are immediately published on our website in order to notify our visitors.

Third party advertising policy is also practiced by us in which we provide your common information to other companies so they can send you advertisements regarding the goods and services of your interest. If you want to learn more about this or have further questions about your information being used by third party companies then contact us for further information.