How to protect your dog from thieves?

Leaving your dog alone for a few minutes in a car to grab a cup of coffee or ice cream seems innocuous, but it can result in your beloved dog being separated from you forever. A little act of negligence and your dog is lost, or most probably or stolen. Dognapping is increasing day by day. According to the statistics, more than a million dogs are being stolen each year in the United States alone. Dogs are stolen for different reasons, such as to be used as baits for dog fights, to make some extra money by selling them on pet stores, puppy mills or to the breeders.

Ways to keep your dog safe from thievesĀ 

Although some dogs are stolen during home break-ins or from the yards, most of the time thieves find a chance while you leave your little friend in the car or outside a store. Here are some useful ways to protect your dog from thieves.

Never leave your dog unattended anywhere

You love to keep your dog with you while you run errands but not all the places are dog-friendly. Dognapers never miss the chance when you leave your dog unattended anywhere. So, when you have to run errands in an environment that is not dog-friendly, leave your dog at home.

Use a microchip

Microchips are the best option to track your dog while they are roaming or playing outside. Microchips are also helpful to find your lost or stolen dogs because they are not easily removed. An invasive surgery is required for their removal.

Keep all the gates locked 

While your dog is playing inside or in the yard, keep all the gates locked. It is also safe to build a fence around your yard so the thieves would not be able to steal your animal friend.

Do not leave your dog in the car

Although leaving your dog in a car is not safe from a health care point of view, it can also result in dognapping. Therefore, always have someone with your dog while it is in the car.

Do not let them roam freely

A free-roaming dog can be an easy target for the thieves. Keep your dogs in your house and keep an eye on them while walking them. Also, keep them leashed tightly.

Spay and neutering 

When you spay your dog, it becomes worthless for thieves and breeders, etc. Spaying also limits the roaming of dogs making them less susceptible to dognapping.

Do not advertise the worth of your dog

Having a rare breed of dog and telling it proudly to everyone seems good but it is not a good idea. Avoid telling the value of your dog to every person asking questions. They may use this information for the wrong purpose.

Take photographs of your dog with you

It is a smart idea to prove your ownership when and where needed. Take pictures of your friend with you and also of the pet alone from every angle so you can use them where required.

Avoid unknowingly involving in dognapping

When you are adopting a new dog from a person, ask for the ownership proof to make sure that you are not buying a stolen dog.


Despite all the precautions, there is a probability of your dog being stolen. If you get in such an unhappy situation, report immediately to your nearest police station or animal control officer. Post flyers with recent photos of your dog, also, talk to people living in your area about anything suspicious they have seen. Check Craigslist or other online pet-finding services to find your dog.