Raw meaty bones as dog food? Is it safe?

Healthy dog food is a must when it comes to the health of your dog. The majority of dog owners use to search on the internet a very common question about their pet. The question is whether giving raw meaty bones to dog is good enough or not. Its answer is very simple. Answer of this question totally depends on your dog. Some dogs love to eat these raw meaty bones because these are the part of their daily meal plan.

On the other hand, some dogs do not like this stuff because it affects their health. Raw meaty bones for dog make them suffer with different health issues. These health issues include intestinal obstruction and constipation.  

Dental disease is regarded as one of the major health issues among dogs. Almost 80% of dogs suffer with this problem. Dog owners believe that dental disease only damages teeth of dog but this is not true at all. Dental problems are also the main cause behind problems in other organs of a dog. During dental diseases, a very dangerous bacterium is found around the teeth of a dog. This harmful bacteria then affects kidney, heart and liver of the dog. In order to avoid all the serious health issues, chewing is the best solution.

In many cases, a very serious disease named periodontal disease is developed along the dog’s gum line. In this way, it is very necessary for a dog to sink all his teeth towards the tooth’s base. Giving dogs raw meaty bones is very good for your pet dog in this condition but this can only be possible by chewing a raw meaty bone. It is very necessary for a dog to have a large meaty raw bone so that he could get rid of any kind of bacterial dental disease. Also, a proper dog raw meaty bones diet can be helpful in this regard.

Big dog raw meaty bones are not good for them:

Besides benefits, these raw meaty bones are supposed to damage the dog’s teeth. If a dog tries to eat a large raw bone then this can cause teeth fracture. Fracture of upper 4th premolar is very common. This tooth is very pointed and is mean to crunch big bones. So, chewing of big meaty bones may cause tooth fracture.

Obstruction and constipation:

Feeding your dog raw meaty bones is sometimes not good for your dog. Obstruction in foreign body as well as constipation is among top diseases caused by raw meaty bones. This is not a case in each and every dog. Only a very minor number of dogs can have this issue. Still, you should avoid this situation. If your dog is not comfortable with eating big bones then you should not give it to him.  So, giving raw meaty bones to your dog totally depends upon your dog’s eating conditions

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