Reasons behind cat decreased appetite

If your cat is facing the issue of decreased appetite then you must attend this issue as soon as possible. Although, this type of issue can also occur with other type of pets but cat decreased appetite is more serious as cats biologically don’t have the tendency to stock enough protein that help the liver to make use of all the fats stored in the body. If the liver doesn’t get required amount of protein then it gets burdened by the fats and can result in organic failure. In order to protect your cat from this life threatening condition, you must monitor the symptoms and rush your pet to the reliable veterinary doctor as soon as you can.


There are various reasons behind the feline anorexia, some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you are making some yummy food items for your cat and still she is not showing any interest towards those food items then the highest chance is that your cat is ill. You need to pay immediate attention to bodily reactions of your cat. Is she facing any sort of discomfort or pain? Is she having the issue of heartburn? Or anything else? If a cat stops eating then she might be suffering from any type of infection, kidney related issues, intestinal pain/ infection, or even cancer. Although it seems scary but you don’t need to be panic right from the start as having simple throat pain or toothache can also result in decreased appetite.
  • If you have kids then you might be familiar with this type of situation. Most of the mothers complain that their kids stop eating or get disturbed due to travel or change of bed, etc. Same is the condition with cats as cats do inherit some of the human traits from their masters. If you have gone on a travel in the recent days or you have shifted your house and your cat is suffering from anorexia then both of the situations might be interlinked with each other. It is possible that your cat might have lost her appetite due to the travel or change of house; again you need to monitor the symptoms very closely.
  • Temporary anorexia can also be caused due to the after effects of vaccination. If your cat has recently received a shot of vaccination then the chances are that its anorexia might be linked to that vaccine. Most of the cats suffer from anorexia due to vaccination but you must keep in mind that this loss of appetite is temporary and remains mostly for two or three days.
  • Yup! Your cat can also lose its appetite due to the depression. Depression doesn’t only affect humans but it also affects animals with same pressure by making them sick. Cats are a very easy victim for depression as they instantly get disturb due to the change in their environment. So, trying to cheer up your cat might help her regain her hunger.

Bringing home a cat is a very easy task but understanding the bodily desires of that cat and helping her lead a healthy life is a task that requires constant hard work and commitment.

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