Recommended and favorite lovebird food

  • Lovebirds are very conscious about their food and are very hardly attracted towards new variety of lovebird food and places. However, once they get used to of certain diet plan they very happily eat the food and get healthier. It is good to know about the recommended lovebird food by the breeders as it will help the lovebirds to remain healthier and active. In the long run with the lovebirds it is better to give the variety of food to them so that they can get all kind of essential nutrients from their diet. Various kinds of lovebird food are as follows. Rice is the favorite dish of some lovebirds and they love to get the different dishes of rice.
  • Minced boiled eggs are the favorite dish of lovebirds. Shells present in the mixture appear more attractive to them.
  • Pasta and granola are the different dishes which they enjoy as we do.
  • Different kinds of cereal in raw and cooked form are good for them.
  • All kinds of nuts generally are good for all kind of birds like peanuts, almonds and others.
  • Carrots, beans, tomatoes and spinach can be given to lovebirds in the fresh form whereas their limited quantity is good for them.
  • Lovebirds can eat green vegetables whereas all kinds of chilies are the favorite food of lovebirds. They feel happy and active after eating the chilies red, green, black or white.
  • All kinds of fruits can be given to lovebirds like pears, bananas, apples, crushed strawberries, guavas and apricots and pears. Different kinds of nectarines are also good for lovebirds and play an important role in enhancing their skills.

The nutritious and healthier food lovebirds get the more beautiful and smarter they are. So, try to add variety in the food that you feed to your lovebirds. There is certain kind of things that should be avoided in the food like:

  • Coffee beans are injurious for lovebirds.
  • Lovebirds cannot eat the pits of the fruits in the hard form.
  • They do not like to eat chocolates and its products in any form. It is also injurious for their health if they even sometimes eat it.

So, we should avoid adding such kind of things in their food.

What lovebird food breeders suggest?

Breeders often play different experiments and come to realize various facts as well. They suggest different variety of food among the seeds and other things for the lovebirds. Sunflower seeds and mung beans are said to be best for the lovebirds whereas the sprouting seeds provide the highest energy to the lovebirds if they are overnight soaked well. Niger seed also serves the purpose well for them. So, try to give the experimented food to your lovebirds in order to encounter them with the new variety of food. Avoid giving the artificial food, tinned or packed food and fresh or dried avocado to lovebirds as it will be the worst and unhealthiest lovebird food.

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