Should I smooch my pooch?

It is a fact that the people who own a pooch or other dog breeds love them and kissing them is not a thing to worry for them because they don’t bother thinking about the health issues that can be caused by kissing a dog. When a dog owner kisses his/her dog, the dog replies by licking the face which is harmful for the human being. Given below are a few bad things that can happen to a dog owner for kissing a dog and here is the answer of should I smooch my pooch?

Kissing can cause periodontitis

The mouth of both a human being and dog has bacteria, it is transferred when a person kisses a dog and the dog licks his/her owner’s mouth with the tongue. It is obvious that the mouth of a dog is not clean and kissing can cause serious issues for the dog owner including a health issue with the name of Periodontitis which is a gum disease in human beings.

Parasites can be transferred

The body of a dog has many different types of parasites and kissing them can transfer it to the human body which is harmful. Transferring of any sort of parasite can make a person ill and sometimes, the sickness is long-lasting.

Infection can react

When a dog catches any infection, there are chances that the owner is not aware of it in the start. Kissing a dog with an infection can end up making the dog owner seriously sick as there is a risk of infection transfer and infection can react to the human being differently. So, kissing a dog should be avoided to avoid getting sick.

Smooching can make a problem severe

Bacteria found in the saliva of a dog with the name of Pasteurella can turn a wound or open sore health problem into a serious issue as the bacteria can cause infection. People who have acne issue should avoid getting the dog’s mouth or tongue near their face or any other part of the body with the wound.

The people who are already sick and are suffering from the severe health problems such as AIDS which reduces the immunity of the body should stay away from the pets as they are harmful for the ill individuals and can make their case severe.

People love their pets and they smooch them to show the love, but there is not only a single way through which they can show their love. To avoid getting ill due to the infections and parasites that live on the pet’s body, another way of loving the pet can be adopted. The dogs eat from the trash bins outside the homes and they also visit the dirty places when set free for sometime by the pet owner from where they eat and where they play. So, they catch the infections which make it necessary for the pet owner to avoid kissing. Knowing all the above information will assist in deciding should you smooch your pooch?

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