Starting your puppy with adult dog food

Taking care of a puppy is similar to taking care of a human baby. You need to make sure that all sorts of nutritional needs of your dogs are fulfilled. Every dog owner tends to provide it’s dog with best dog food in the world but the problem is that most of the dog owners don’t know the age limit of providing a specific pet food. If you are confused about the dietary issues of your dog and still don’t know when to provide your dog with puppy food or adult pet dog food then you just have to keep these simple tips in your mind.

Analyze the dietary needs of your dog

Puppies belonging to different breeds possess different types of dietary needs. If you have large size dogs then their dietary needs might be different from the smaller breed of dogs. For instance the puppies that belong to the generation of Labradors have different dietary needs from the puppies that belong to toy breeds. You must keep in mind that proteins and calcium are very important for the growth of your dog. If you have a puppy then definitely you must be providing him with a diet that is rich in calcium and vitamins because his body is building its defenses in the first two years of his life. Later on you can provide the diet with balanced nutrients so that all the nutritional requirements of his body can easily be fulfilled.

Nutritional needs of adult dog

You need to provide your dog with the diet that is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, mineral and certain essential oils. While going for any particular formula or dog food you need to study the nutritional chart on the box of the diet, otherwise you can also use dog food calculator. If your dog is in the growing age then you need to provide him with the diet that is very rich in nutrition. But if your dog has reached the age of two years and entered his mature adult life then providing him with puppy food is not beneficial for his health. Instead he is going to gain too much un-necessary weight which could cause severe health issues for him in the future.

Consult your vet

When the dog has entered adult age, he does not need too much protein and calcium. The excessive intake of these two nutritional elements is going to give him extensive weight gain. If you are having issues understanding the physical condition of your puppy and want to know whether he has turned into a mature dog or not then you need to get an appointment with your dog food advisor. Your vet is going to provide you with the complete guidance on whether it’s time to change your dog’s food from puppy food to mature dog food.

While purchasing the food for your mature dog you must check that it has been tested and approved by the Animal food authority because those food items that have been tested and approved by a regulatory food testing authority contain the food that is suitable for your dog and his dietary requirements.

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