Sweet potato pea balls turkey dog food recipe

Same like human beings, dogs can also get benefits from sweet potatoes, pea balls and turkey. You can cook this dog food with so many variations and then serve them to your pooch. In this way your dog will have a very tasty addition to his everyday meal. Overall, this is very healthy dog food to gain weight also Servings.

This quantity of ingredients can make almost 20 balls


As you all know that the majority of dogs have intolerances towards different food items. Some dogs are allergic towards chicken so in order to replace chicken, turkey is a best replacement. If we talk about sweet potatoes then we come to know that these are extremely rich in vitamin A which is very good for a dog’s health. It is also very good for night vision. Because of these sweet potatoes, there is a kind of sweet taste in the dog’s meal. It is so because sweet potatoes have a very low index of glycogenic. As a whole, sweet potatoes are not that much balanced for a dog’s meal. Still, they are supposed to provide a very well balanced amount of protein to any food item for your dog. Fats as well as carbohydrates are also being provided by these sweet potatoes.

If you want to add some very delicious as well as tasty food item to your dog’s every day meal then these balls will be a best option in this regard. You can also go for experimentation with the help of some other vegetables as well as meat.


Lean turkey minces                  500 grams

Egg                                                          1

Medium sized sweet potato           1

Frozen peas                              250 grams

Olive oil                                         1 tbsp.


Oven, baking tray, steamer

Cooking Method:

  • Preheat your oven according to your oven’s temperature
  • Wash all sweet potatoes and then peel them. After peeling the potatoes, slice them in round pieces. Make sure that all pieces are 1cm round. Steam all these pieces for almost 8 minutes
  • After this, mash the peeled sweet potato and mix it in all other ingredients
  • Roll the entire mixture into very neat small balls. Size of the balls should be perfect. It should not be more than the size of a golf ball
  • Then place all these balls onto baking tray. Here you can also spray good quality non stick oil over these balls
  • Bake these balls in preheated oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. You can also increase the baking time until the balls are baked completely
  • Serve the balls to your dog along with his regular meal. You can also freeze these balls. Make sure to reheat these balls before serving them to your dog every time. Freeze them for almost 3 weeks.

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