15 signs you should bring your pet to the vet

The most innocent creatures of GOD are the animals and especially those who are loved and kept by most of the humans, in other words, Pet. As animals cannot talk but they too have feelings and they express their feelings in different varieties and manners. All we need is to understand their feelings and their ways to express their pain or relief. As they can’t talk so, sometime it may be quite difficult for the owner to detect the feelings of his pet when they don’t feel well and observing their health

Here we give you some crucial signs that indicate that your pet is not good.

Abnormal bathroom habits

if you notice any change in your pet regarding bathroom activities such as frequency hopping to bathroom, abnormal look of feces, change in the color, odor, consistency or regularity of urine or any other bathroom activity that is not usual and normal then, the time has come to concern your veterinarian.

These abnormalities in washroom activities may be due to some kinds of allergy, bacteria attack, virus’s attack or many other medical reasons. So if you detect that your pet’s bathroom activities are getting bad to worst then make am appointment with the vet.

Drinking more water than usual

Believe us, we have interviewed many vets and every veterinarian told us the same thing. Like humans animals also need to be hydrated but id they are drinking a lot of water again and again then it is not a good sign for your furry pal. Very days that this could be the indication of kidney failure or liver diseases in your pet. Under such circumstances immediately visit a vet.

Frequent vomiting

If your pet vomits then this is the sign of something uncommon or unwanted in the stomach of your pet. It may be due to food poisoning. Your pet must have eaten something that doesn’t need to be swallowed.

Normal vomiting after some intervals of time is quite adjustable and tensionless for your pet, but when your pet started to vomit at least twice within 12 hours, then you must take him to the vet otherwise it can be more dangerous.

Eating less than usual

If your pet starts ignoring food and looking down by his physical appearance than this is the supreme sign that he needs a vet. Most of the animals do not have a huge appetite. They eat to their fills and enjoy their meal. But if you noticed that they have lost their concentration on food and avoidance of food is increasing day by day then you should take them to the vet. Because this can be a sign of serious mouth injury or a stomach disorder.

Cat’s panting

It is quite normal that cats usually do panting after an immense playtime. This is not dangerous because after exercise the body needs more oxygen so animals usually fulfill their this need by panting.

But if your cat is continuously panting without playing and also she is not ready to play but still panting then you should take her to the vet as soon as possible. Experts say that abnormal and useless panting by your cat indicates you that she is suffering from a respiratory disorder or some kind of heart disease. There you should not take any chance but put your cat in front of a vet in a very short time.

Your dog is licking the air

If you noticed that your dog is licking the air, then it may be due to nauseating. Licking can also be a sign of stickiness of something their mouth’s roof or tooth looseness. In explained cases, they open their mouth and seem that they are trying to lick the air to reduce their uncomfortable feelings.

We on the behalf of veterinarian advise you to take your pet to the vets in such abnormal activities to make your pet comfortable.

Change in breathing

Everybody is completely familiar with the breathing style of their pet. But if you noticed any change in the breathing of your pet like they started breathing so violently, they are breathing with difficulty or their breathing has become shallow then, unfortunately, the time has come when your pet needs a vet.

The normal respiratory rate of dogs and cats is 30 per breathe per minute at rest. Faster testing respiratory rate may be the indication of lung disorder or fluid formation in the respiratory tract which can be caused by cancer, pneumonia, diarrhea or heart disease.

Abnormal eyes appearance

If you found that your pet’s eyes pupils have contracted or dilated, One pupil is dilated and the other is contracted, eyes are swelling or your pet’s eyes have become droopy then you should bring your pet to the specialist vet. Any disorder in the eyes can be as dangerous that it will make your pet blind in almost no time. So keep your eye on the eye of your pet.


To remain active is very important is the great sign of better health of your pet but if your pet is showing unusual or hyperactivity then it is not suitable for its health. If your dog is running uselessly and not getting still then it is indicating you that your pet is not feeling well and he is appealing you to take him to the vet.

Hair loss

Fleas and ticks may be the reason for hair loss in pets. If you found bald patches on your pet’s fur and if they are due to parasites then it is not that kind of danger. But if there are no invaders and still your pet is losing fur then it is a very dangerous sign of bad health.

The most common reason is thyroid glands disease of fur losing in pets especially dogs. This hair loss warrants a visit to the vet.

New lumps and bumps on your pet

As your pet gets young the formation of bumps or lumps is quite normal. These bumps may be benign. If these are benign then you do not have to worry they will vanish automatically over time. In case they are malignant then it will harm your pet until he is dead. So visit your vet with extra bumps on your pet.

Tiredness and listlessness

If your pet is showing extra tiredness and avoiding physical activities like moving up on stairs playing etc then you should take him to the vet. This can be the sign of a little medical emergency in your pet.

So these are the major signs that warrant an immediate visit to your vet with your pet. There are many more signs that your pet will show you if unfortunately, they are not feeling good.

The minor signs that can be resolved at home are mentioned below

Sign of visible pain your pet is feeling pain due to internal injury or internal bleeding then he will not pay attention to your instructions and will not be ready to play with you. This is a sign of serious pain in their body. Here you need to consult a vet for your pet.

Cough lasting more than a day

coughing is normal in pets due to extreme play or taking meals in rude or fast manners. But if you observe continuous coughing in your pet that is lasting from more than a day then there should be some medical abnormality in their lungs on the respiratory tract. This warns you to visit a vet.

Change in behavior

Change in the behavior of your pet, like rudeness or sense of grief, is the clear indication that they are not fit either physically or medically. Then you should take them to the vet for recovering all the medical issues. Behavior is the most supreme sign through pets show they’re any medical illness.