How to keep your pet safe during a wave heat?

No matter whether it is extreme chilled winter season or burning summer heat, taking care of your pet’s health is so much important. As regards the summer wave heat is concerned, pets need extra care and attention to prevent the arrival of certain conditions of heatstroke or faintness. If you think these pet animals can never encounter the issues of getting dizziness, faint or heatstroke in the summer season, then this is a false notion.

Just like human beings, even pet animals can get affected by the heat stroke issue at a high level. Some of the significant signs of heatstroke among the pet animals are as mentioned below:

  • Restlessness condition
  • Salivation
  • Drooling
  • Bright tongue in red color
  • Breathing issues
  • Heart rate gets increased
  • Vomiting issues
  • Staggering
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Urine production issue
  • Muscle weakness

In case if you want to protect your pet against the wave heat, then there are few essential points/tips which you should keep in mind. Below we are discussing some of the common and much-needed 6 tips to keep your pet safe and secure during the wave heat:

Don’t leave them alone in a parked car

Firstly and most important is that you should never be leaving your pet animal alone in a car. If you have parked your car in a heated parking area, then make sure that the pet animals are not left alone inside it. This can be extremely dangerous for them. Mostly in the summer season, the temperature inside the car gets high regularly. Even though if you have closed the windows, it can cause considerable damage to your pet animal! They might fatal and can bring issues of dizziness. If the outside temperature is 85 degrees in a day, then inside the car, it can reach the temperature of around 102 degrees in just a few minutes.

Keep their body hydrated

Pets have a body system that can get dehydrated so quickly. So make sure that you keep their body hydrated all the time by making them serve with fresh and clean water. You should tie up your pets in shady areas such as under some garage shed or the shady stress. In the summer season, you should not involve them in any stressful exercises, which it can, later on, weaken their muscles lot. Please keep them in indoor areas most often during the summer season.

Learn about the signs of heat stroke

Sometimes your pet is affected by the heatstroke, but you are not able to identify it correctly. This is probably because you are not fully aware of the signs of heatstroke. Therefore, it is essential to, first of all, learn about the main symptoms of heat stress or heat stroke. Some of the common symptoms of heatstroke are drooling, mild weaknesses, collapse, tongue color changes, breathing issues, and so many more. If the temperature reaches the degree of 104, then it might be possible that they start vomiting or encounter bloody diarrhea.

Don’t shave, trim

Besides shaving off your pet hairs, you should choose to trim them off. Usually, the layers of any dog coating can eventually help them to stay protected against the sunburn or the overheating conditions.

Stay alert during walks 

It would help if you stayed a lot of care during the time of long walks. If you are fond of taking your pet on long walks, then make sure you take them during the cooler hours of the day. Usually, the evening time is best.

Know about specific breeds and their health conditions 

Mostly the animals with flat faces such as Persian cats or Pugs are often extra susceptible to the condition of heatstroke before they are not able to pant upon much effectively. Such a breed of animals should be kept in air-conditioned rooms because they are elder and are overweight too.


So if you want to keep your pet safe and secure during wave heat, then don’t forget to follow the tips which we mentioned right here for you. Love your animals right now!