Top 10 amazing pictures of birds

The most fascinating part of the nature is birds; nature has gifted man with a lot of little creatures we can never thank for. There are more than a thousand species of birds in the world, all of them are different and pretty in their own way. Birds are the creature which makes the sky colorful and lovely as they wings are colored; here are amazing pictures of birds:

1. Bohemian waxwing

It is a migratory bird; it has a grayish color with the combination of red head. Its combination is unique and beautiful among all the other birds. Bohemian waxwing is medium sized bird, Cedar waxwing is also the same, but the difference is that they lack reddish tone.

2. Green wing macaw parrot

Green wing macaw parrot has yellowish eyes with look fascinating, the beauty of this bird lies all in its eyes and the place where it can be easily found is forest, areas that have green plants. It catches the attention of the viewers with its attractive look.

3. Peafowl

Peafowl is a huge bird with several colors in its wings, the wings of the peafowl makes it a unique bird. Peafowl is other name of peacock, they are also known as Pavo in some areas.

4. Painted bunting

Painted Bunting is the most seen bird in North America, the head of this bird is of blue color. Its color combination and beauty makes it look different from the other bird species.

5. Keel billed toucans

This bird is also known with the name of Amphastos Sulfuratus, it is famous as the most fearless bird worldwide. Storms and different weathers can make no difference to them; they can survive in any place easily.

6. Northern oriele

Icterus Galbula is the other name of the bird northern oriel, it is found in Westland and Finland easily. Northern oriel has bright colors and the sharpness of the colors make them beautiful more than any other bird in the world.

7. Lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet is an American bird, Rainbow Lorikeet have many colors. Apart from being a very colorful bird, they have sharp eyes which make them extra attractive.

8. Flamingo

Flamingo is the most common kind of the birds, it is mostly found in Northern and western areas. Flamingo is the bird that can stand on one leg for several hours without being uncomfortable.

9. Hyacinth macaw

The other and the scientific name of Hyacinth macaw is Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus, it is usually found in Asia and America as well. Sometimes, it can also be seen in the parts of New Zealand. The maximum weight of Hyacinth macaw is 2 or 3 kilograms; it is a light weight bird with amazing appearance.

10. Golden pheasant

Golden peasant is an Asian bird; golden peasant is a bird with brilliant color schemes. It is mostly found in western china, the hilly areas and the mountains are full of these birds. Enjoy looking at the marvelous pictures of birds

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