Top 10 best family kittens for adoption

There are different kinds of unlimited breeds of cat which are beautiful, elegant and obedient ones. They can be trained well in order to make them a part of your family. The different breeds are also available in the trained way so that you might not get any difficulty while owing them. The beauties of the various breeds of cat make you not only mesmerized but helpless enough to make them your friends and family member.

Beautiful family kittens

Following are the most popular top ten best family kittens which can make you amazed with their features. Various kinds of cats have different features which specify their breed very well.


Birman is among the most popular cat breeds which are highly owed around the world. This breed of the cat is not only beautiful but their innocent face expression can keep you smiling always. They are friendly and well mannered kittens which can be your best choice for owing kittens. These kittens are easy to groom which is their most positive factor for keeping them.


Devenrex are the sharp colored kittens which have prominent features like prominent and huge eyes and large ears which are too much sensitive to hear the slightest kind of voice. They do not like to depend at others thus making them easy to keep all the day. They love to play with children as well as with other cats.

Havana brown

Havana brown are most popular for their wonderful colored skin and bright colored eyes which are sometimes green, black or hazel too. These beautiful cats are most obedient breed with the nature of making mischievous activities all the time.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthairs are the intimidating breed of cats which love to play with the strangers as well as owners in the same way. These cats are known for their naught eyes which always shine with laughter, intelligence and love.

Maine Coon

If you are looking for the most captivating cat breed to make them tier family member then consider the Maine Coon once. These cats have innocent nature with the ability to make companionship with others easily.


If you want to adopt the most social friendly breed of cats then Manx can be your best choice as these kittens are not only active but intelligent enough to solve the mysteries, find the hidden things and to create the laughing situations


Persians are the soft colored breed that is smart enough o become a part of your family within no time. These have fluffy hairs which provide soothing sensation to others.


Bombay breed of cats is the trained breeds which have the natural instinct of living in co operative ways with the other human beings. They have wonderful interactive skills.

American curls

American curls are famous for their wonderful curled ears. They are beautiful enough o catch your attention for a long time

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is definitely the most elegant breed of kittens which can conveniently provide you company to remove your sadness. You must be fallen in love these smart family kittens after reading and looking at them. These cat breeds are not only lovely to play with but also beautiful enough to make you pleasant all the time

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