Top 5 chow chow temperament qualities

Chow chow dogs are quite intimidating due to their wrinkled face, scowling, lion-like ruff, appearance. Chows are the difficult breeds of all to manage and train, as they require special care and attention but most important patience of the owner. They are intolerable towards physical punishment and cannot stand being forced by someone. They are a strong willed breed but have an introvert personality. Because of their deep set eyes they have limited vision, so always approach them from the front. Some major chow chow temperament qualities are discussed below to easily recognize them.

Behavioral qualities

Chows are excessively endangered by other animals and may even indulge in a fight on meeting one. They must not be left alone with children as they are not a reliable animal and may react harshly if teased or irritated. If you treat them with affection and true attention they tend to be one of the loyalist and respectful dogs. They need to be trained in their early age or else they tend to be very dangerous and aggressive in adulthood.

Cat like personality

In order to understand their temperament, think of a cat. Like a cat, chows have arrogant, proud nature. They are slow in making new friends and are indifferent towards people other than their friends. They are not very excited to please their owner and definitely don’t want strangers to command them. Though difficult to manage but are very clean and organized in the house. They are mostly quiet and non-destructive.

Activity- Requirement

Every dog needs exercise to maintain his physical health, so does the chow. They are most energetic in winters while in summers they become irritable due to their thick coat. Walking in the park twice a week, meets up the requirement. While going on a walk never let him off leash as they can be violent towards other dogs and strangers. They thrive equally in the city, suburbs or on farms as they get to protect and watch the flocks and herds.

Health issues

One of the biggest reasons for bad temperament is their deteriorating health. They are easily infected with eye or skin disease like skin melanoma, entropion, gastric cancer, juvenile cathartics and may behave violently towards others as a side effect of those diseases.


To train a chow, one must be a skillful leader. The key to a progressive training is being calm, giving lots of treats and positive reinforcement. If they feel that you are not capable of being a master or get nervous in his presence, he may not even obey you. You need to be the alpha in order to train him well.

It is crucial that you make them socialize by going out and meeting new people every day so that they get out of their shell and be lively. Despite their violent behavior and rejection to authority, they turn out to be a loyal and obedient, if trained properly.

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