Top 9 most adaptable dog breeds

If you are  thinking of adopting a dog and are facing a hard time deciding that which dog will be suitable for you then the below mentioned list of 10 most adaptable dog breeds is going to help you make your decision about these most adaptable dogs.

1. Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terriers are known to be the most famous breed of dogs. Due to their extra-ordinary features and less price, everybody loves to go for the Pit Bull Terriers. Pit Bulls are found in highest numbers in the pet shelters located in different parts of America. Due to their highly intelligent nature and blasting energy, these dogs make really good pets.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are just as famous as Pit Bull Terriers.  Although there are many Labrador Retrievers that are suffering the height of ignorance in the pet shelters due to their big size and black coats but the fact is that they definitely are the most adoptable dogs. Despite their big, black image, they are very loving, gentle and possess extremely caring nature.

3. German Shepherd

Due to its guarding and actively extra-alert features, German shepherd is also the most demanded dog around the country. When it comes to fulfilling its responsibilities, German shepherd tends to be very loyal.

4. Boxers

The most amazing breed of puppies, Boxers are hyperactive, playful, sweet natured, and tend to seek attention from their owners. If you lead a very busy life and can’t pay attention to your pet then you must not adopt boxers.

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the dog breed that is mostly demanded by women or little girls. Due to its slim and soft stature, this dog seems like the most innocent dog on earth. These dogs are very sensitive and require high-level attention from their masters.

6. Dachshund

Commonly known as German hunting dogs, Dachshunds are very possessive of their masters. They tend to show unshakable loyalty towards their family or masters. The negative point is that Dachshunds show very jealous behavior towards their fellow pets and don’t tend to socialize easily with smaller animals.

7. Beagle

Beagles got famous after the character of “Snoopy” entered the hearts of American people. Belonging to the hunter breed, Beagles are very active and tend to guard their family with complete dedication. Not only they protect their families but they show a very caring and playful attitude towards those they love.

8. Border Collie

Another extremely active breed of dogs, Border Collie dogs are very good at their job. Although they are trained to control the herd but they also master some of the other traits too. A Border Collie will be follow your command in the least time possible. Keeping a Border Collie is not an easy task because they are very smart, intelligent, and fast.

9. Australian Cattle Dogs

Full of energy, determined strength, and unshakable will power; Cattle dogs are blessed with all the manly qualities of a perfect hunter dog.

If you are searching for a dog with tough heart then Cattle dog is perfect for you.

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