Try these Christmas dog treats and recipes on this December

Christmas is the most special time of the year. You get to have a get-to-gather with your family members and friends. Festive food dishes are served and enjoyed in the most pleasant and comfortable environment ever. Different tempting candies and other food items of the sorts are distributed among the kids. In such a special momentum how can one forget to shower his pets with the glittering colors of Christmas? Below mentioned Christmas dog treats and recipes are going to provide various amazing ideas to make your pets enjoy the spirit of this special event during a family get to gather.

Christmas dog treats: Recipes

This Christmas treat your dog with some yummy and mouth-watering treats. Below mentioned treats are easy to make at home, so you can surprise your little doggy with one of your special treats.   

Gourmutt cookies with peanut butter

These treats are totally spectacular as they are easy to make and will make your dog chomp on them within a few seconds due to yummy flavor of peanut butter. The main ingredients for this recipe are peanut butter, cooking oil, and molasses. Easy to make, you can also add some other unique flavors to create some interest for your dog. 

Baked biscuits with peanut butter slice

This is another amazing recipe with a mouthful of yummy peanut butter. Apart from the peanut butter, you will be needing molasses, shredded beef in dried form, wheat germ, wheat flour and cooking oil for this recipe.

Pumpkin and peanut butter cookies

Another amazing recipe for the Christmas, these unique cookies are a beautiful blend of peanut butter, canned pumpkin and grounded cinnamon. Just bake them with yummy toppings and present your dog with unique Christmas goodies.

Cheese cookies for Christmas

Yup, another yummy blend of cheese with whole wheat flour, these cookies are going to make your doggy dance with joy Christmas Eve. The ingredients that play a main role in this recipe include whole wheat flour, Cheddar cheese, canola oil, cottage cheese and nuts. Do keep in mind to use the low-fat form of cottage cheese. Most of the people won’t use nuts while mixing these cookies as nuts can cause serious allergy and digestive issues for the dogs.

Special Christmas cake for your doggy

How can you imagine a Christmas without a grand Christmas cake?  This easy recipe for Christmas cake will bring a bundle of joys for your dog on the Christmas Eve. All you need to do is to mix two eggs, whole wheat flour, canola oil, molasses, wheat germ, baking powder, vanilla extract, and one apple.

Gingerbread Bones

Dogs love to munch on bones and if those bones are made from ginger bread then the munching and chewing becomes super-fun. All you need is some amount of whole wheat flour; mix it with cinnamon, canola oil, molasses, ginger and cloves.

Christmas treats for kitties

If you want to treat your kitty with some of the spectacular Christmas treats then cat crackers, tuna balls, kitty kisses, and catnip toys are going to prove extra delicious Christmas goodies for your felines.

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