Types Of Weight Loss In Cats

Medical weight loss

If weight loss is medical then you should take your cat to a veterinarian to find out what is wrong. If it is losing weight and you are feeding it properly and it isn’t under any stress there is something medically wrong with it.

Stress weight loss

If your cat is under stress for some reason, there’s a chance that is why it is losing weight. Try and get the stressful situation under control or away from your cat and see if it doesn’t start gaining weight again. Cats can get stress just like humans can which can be the reason of weight loss in cats.

Your cat isn’t eating right

There is the possibility that you are not feeding your cat right too. If you are feeding your cat human food you shouldn’t be. Cats should only eat cat food. And sometimes cat are finicky and won’t eat but certain types of cat food. You should find out what types of cat food it really likes and buy it for your cat. Cat food comes in a dry form and moist. Always make sure it has fresh drinking water.

Symptoms of weight loss

Besides, actually losing weight your cat might show other signs and symptoms. Perhaps your cat might be vomiting. In addition, its coat might be losing its luster or falling out. Also, it could be having an increase of drinking habits or have diarrhea. Bad breath is also another symptom of your cat losing weight too, but not always.

What you should do?

If you are not sure why your cat is losing weight, or if it is losing weight the best thing to do is take it to the veterinarian. This way you will know for sure and your cat will be healthy once again.

What the veterinarian will do?

The veterinarian will most likely give your cat a physical examination to find out if there are any underlying medical reasons why your cat is losing weight. This way he or she can rule out any health related conditions.  They might even have blood work done. Then, you will be asked the history on the cat. Where it sleeps, its eating habits, is it playful, its daily routine, and possibly other related questions. Once this is done the veterinarian will determine the best way to treat your cat. You will be given instructions and sent home. Sometimes if it is a medical condition you will be given medication for your cat.

Be sure to follow the directions exactly as they are given. Soon, your cat will be gaining weight again and will look happy and healthy once again. Be sure not to make your cat obese though.

A good healthy weight should be maintained for your cat. All of these reasons should be addressed if you feel your cat is losing weight to find out which action should be taken to help your cat maintain a healthy weight

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