How Weston Lakes animal hospital serve pets?

Pets are not less than a blessing. One keeps pets for entertainment or company purpose. And these pets care more for you than yourself. Their loyalty and kindness make you happier and caring for them. These speechless creatures want nothing but love and care from you. If you acquire a pet then it becomes your prime responsibility to look after your pet and to provide them a comfortable and friendly environment. Once you show sympathy and love to your pet these innocent creatures will respond by showing their love multiple times. They are the source of releasing your pain, your tension and their company will heal you all wounds for a while and you will never feel depressed in their company. 

So, after a lot of gifts from your pet to you should take care of them and make sure that they are healthy and fit. You have to check out rather your pet is feeling well or not. If you find any kind of medical issue then you should take your little soul to the hospital for its treatment.

Now when it comes to treatment choice of the hospital or vet is very important, as human beings deserve the best medical facilities, therefore, pets also have the right to be checked by some experts under a suitable environment. They offer you to visit their Weston lakes animal hospital services for a pet for proper and complete care of your pet. In this hospital, every required facility is available that your needs during its bad health days. This hospital tries it’s best to treat your pet with complete care and comfort. They consider it as a divine act to serve pets honestly.

Services that they provide

They provide the best and fully hygienic services for the treatment of your pet. They have a team of expert vets and advanced technology for the proper treatment of your pet. Our services include the following facilities.

Digital imagining

Imagining means digital and more advanced technology that includes digital X-ray and digital CT SCAN.


It plays a significant role in internal medical diagnostics. Different kinds of rays are here to identify internal wounds and bleeding. It is a matter of great honor and privilege for Weston lakes animal hospital services for pets to have the most advanced and high radiology technology. X-rays are the backbone of radiology; these rays play a crucial role in the diagnosis of internal problems. The quality of the image is highly recognizable and the action is performed by trained staff. They have 100% advanced and certified rays technology that can take an image within a minute or in seconds. This modern x-rays technology creates a clear picture of the target and therefore is most suitable for the internal diagnosis of your pet.


Tomography (CAT SCAN) is the most advanced and suitable use of x-rays. In CT SCAN a computer makes a more clear and close picture of the internal tissues. This technology is highly adopted and provides a crystal clear image of the target. Weston lakes animal hospital services for pets use most advanced and unique CT SCAN machines for the accurate results of the X-rays. They own a CT Scan and contrast imaging. These machines are operated by specialist neurosurgeons for complete and accurate outcomes of your pet’s X-ray.

In house Laboratory

They have the latest and highly sophisticated in house laboratories. Here they provide many facilities for our clients including a blood test, urine test, etc. They own the most advanced type of in house laboratory to assemble the test and result within minutes without any human and technical error. There are many pet hospitals and clinics that offer in house laboratories but at our site, they ensure daily quality check-up of our equipment to avoid any error in results.

Of our in house laboratory facilities include:

  • Blood coagulation profile
  • Canine PLI test
  • Ear cytology
  • Parvovirus snap test

There are many more in house laboratory facilities that they provide. All cannot be mention here. But once you visit our place you will be highly satisfied with our services and your pet’s health.

Pet Ambulance

Say it with honor that Weston lakes animal hospital services for pets are the first institution in South Florida that provides a full-fledged animal ambulance. If you are not in the condition of bringing your pet to us our ambulance will come and pick them up.

In this emergency ambulance, they provide basic and advanced treatment that can be given to your pet in an emergency. So there are great chances of recovery of your pet on the journey to the hospital. This pet ambulance was launched for the complete and doorstep treatment of your pet.


in other health care fields, the veterinary profession has also made remarkable advancements in surgery and many other medical facilities. They, at Weston lakes animal hospital services for pets, ensure safe and proper surgery of your pet under the supervision of highly educated and trained animal doctors. Our most advanced machinery increases the chances of recovery of your pet up to 80%. 

After surgery, there is a proper staff that takes care of your pet until its complete recovery. They believe that your pet is a member of your family so they treat animals like human beings.


Pets are a crucial part of one’s life. They should be properly treated and look after. They believe that you want the proper health of your pet and therefore they at Weston lakes animal hospital try their best to provide your pet complete care and medical facilities. Our hospital is one of the most trusted and economical rates in the world of animal hospitals. They have the latest technology and trained staff that ensures the proper care of your pet at our place. They consider your pet as your family member and therefore, they treat them as a member of a family and not as an animal.

CT Scan at Weston Lakes Animal Hospital