Wet cat food vs dry cat food explained!

We need to compare both types with regard to their benefits and draw backs for the sake of cat’s health. Wet cat food has its own nutritional value and dry cat food comparatively has its own. Both types of food carry their own significance even through the veterinary point of view as well.

Dry cat food vs. wet cat food

Wet cat food

  • Wet cat food is by and large subjected to less warmth amid handling and therefore endures less supplement and protein debasement.
  • It has much higher dampness content. Cats have a low thirst drive all in all and numerous cats can wind up with unending low-level lack of hydration when they are given only dry food.
  • Alongside the less danger of lack of hydration, the expanded dampness content additionally makes things like urinary tract contaminations more improbable.
  • Wet meals like fish meat and chicken have a tendency to have far less “fillers” in them since they don’t need to be shaped into pellets.
  • The cats which are basically obese can do much better if fed on the wet food than the dry one. Wet food can be much nutrient for such cats and they can slim down their obesity in a quick manner if switched onto wet food.
  • As cats are not really used to drinking much water so they can have serious bladder or kidney diseases if not given enough quantity of wet food to keep their body hydrated.
  • Wet food comparatively has much lesser preservatives, few types of filler, low carbohydrates and so on.

Dry cat food

  • Dry food is comparatively less expensive than the wet food.
  • Many cat owners find dry cat food to be more convenient than the wet food.
  • Dry food is chunky so it is supposed to be good for the nourishment of cat’s teeth. It can also clean their teeth leaving no plaque.
  • Moreover, the chunky nature of dry food can also be beneficial in pushing the hairballs in cat’s stomach whereas wet food slides ahead smoothly in the stomach.
  • The only best quality of dry food is that it can benefit the cat owners financially but not physically much.


From the following debate it is concluded that you can feed your cat on the mix of both wet and dry food. You can give your cats a measured portion of wet food two times a day and in the remaining time they can eat dry food on “free feed? basis. Different cats have different health issues such as obesity or infection etc but altogether if we conclude the benefits of those then the wet food seems to be more beneficial through the health point of view. On the other hand if you choose to feed your cat on fully wet or dry food content then a quality food must be your priority.

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