What does it mean when a cat licks you?

Cats have their own styles of talking with the owner and showing their affection towards them as well. If an owner of the cat is being licked by the cat, it means he has a special bonding with you. If a cat licks a person, then it is a huge compliment to the owner as cats only lick those who they love. Getting licked by a cat means that she feels quite safe and comfortable in your company and when a cat licks you, she tries to provide you with the safe feeling that she gets when she was being licked by her mother in the childhood. If you want to know that what does it mean when a cat licks you? Then read the information given below:

Licking is a sign of anxiety

Cats also lick the owner when they feel anxiety, licking the individuals when the pet feels anxious means that she wants your help to feel comfortable and through this way he can reduce the stress. Provide your cat with more love and affection; if your cat lick repeatedly, rub off the back of your cat and make her feel comfortable.

She owns you

A cat licks the person or thing that he feels as only theirs, if a cat licks you constantly it means she loves you and wants you as only theirs. When a kitten is being licked by the mother, it gives the kitten a feeling that he is loved and there is someone to which they belong. Licking is a process used by the cats to tell the humans that they consider you their property. For cats, licking is a gesture of love and showing affection, they don’t lick everybody as they only lick the person they love.

Licking is a part of the play

Cats also lick the owner as the part of the play, beware they can also bite sometimes while playing as they get too excited in some cases. If a kitten is brought up in a decent family, they know that how to control their feelings and not to hurt others. If the cat licks too much, then teach them some rules of playing decently in which the first thing is that they should not bite while licking. Apart from these simple rules when the cat starts to play too rough, walk away so that they will come to know the rules that if they want to play they had to be in the limits.

Licking is showing affection

Licking means your cats loves you more than any other member of the family, if you don’t like being licked by a cat don’t hit them to make them stop. Tell them gently by just moving away from them as they should know why you do it and they will avoid it next time.

What does it mean when the cat licks you is not too hard to understand as licking mean love from them for you.

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