What to feed baby kittens?

Raising a kitten is not a hard task, but it requires a little care and especially when a person is going to do it for the first time. The most important thing in raising a kitten is the proper feed which requires special attention in order to keep the kitten away from any serious health issue. Here is the information of what to feed baby kittens for their healthy raising and what not to feed them:

Commercial kitten milk

It is obvious that the baby kittens who lost their mother or who are adopted need to be fed milk for which the small sized baby bottles are easily available in market. One should not use the bottle immediately after removing its packing because of the germs that can make the baby kitten sick, so the bottle should be dipped in boiling water for a few minutes prior to using it for feeding. There are many kitten milk replacers present in the stores, some of them are in powder form while the other are in liquid form.

Plain yogurt

It is great to add a pinch of plain yogurt in the kitten’s milk because it assists in the digestion.

Formulated kitten food

When a kitten becomes 8 weeks old; he/she starts eating soft food, so they can be provided formulated kitten food which is specially manufactures for them because it contains the nutrients needed by their body for the proper growth.

The growth rate of a kitten is high in the first three weeks of the new born baby kitten, so the body may require feeding 3 times more than the adult cat. Here is the information of what not to feed the baby kitten for keeping him/her away from the health problems, especially the stomach problems:

Cow milk

The cow milk should not be given to the baby kitten as it can leave harmful negative effects and it can cause serve diarrhea, the cow milk is heavy due to which it is difficult to digest.

Human baby milk

The milk available for the human baby is also not good for the health of a kitten and they should never be given to them as they can upset the stomach of the kitten due to the digestion issue.

Kitten food without feeding test

Feeding a kitten the cat food with its box mentioned appropriate for the cat of any age is not a wise decision, a person should never ignore checking the feeding tests supporting their claim prior to buying and feeding the car otherwise the kitten owner can land into serious trouble.

Some individuals who love kittens and adopt them or find any with no mother doesn’t know much about what to feed baby kittens and they get confused, but it is not a difficult decision when here is the detail of what can be given to the baby kittens and what should be avoided because the health is the most important thing that requires attention.

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