What to include in the whole foods cat food for my cat?

Every cat owner tries hard to provide his cat with healthy and nutritious food. Although in the previous ages, people used to feed their cats with homemade items but as science progressed and life became busy, marketed cat food became the number one choice. But due to the harmful effects of marketed or ready-made cat food, the cat owners are again turning towards homemade or unprocessed cat diet. If you want to change the diet of your cat then it’s about time that you switch to whole foods cat food in order to protect your cat from the harmful effects of marketed diet.

What is the whole food diet for cats?

Whole food is basically the food items that are free from any sort of preservatives of additives. Whole food items are usually available in an unprocessed form or are refined or processed in very little amount. You must also keep in mind that whole food items are free from added items like fat, salt or carbohydrates. Skinless chicken pieces that are cooked in healthy ingredients and are without any type of additional flavorings, preservatives or salts are suitable for cats.

Whole food items for your cat

Whole food items are very beneficial for your cat’s health. You must understand that cats are carnivores and can only survive on fresh meat. If you won’t fulfill your cat’s meat cravings then it will hunt for the meat outside the house. So, in order to fulfill the cravings and dietary needs of your cat, you must include healthy meat items in the list of whole food items for your cat.

Dietary needs of your cat

The dietary needs of your cat consist mainly of meat so if you are providing your cat with whole food items then you must include a great amount of muscle meat in the diet. Muscle meat items include grounded meat, chicken, turkey, and beef. You can also include oily fishes in the diet of your cat such as herring, mackerel, and sardines.

You also need to include the organ meat in the diet of your cat. Organ meat includes pancreas, liver, kidneys, brain, and heart. You must keep in mind to include a large amount of liver meat in the diet as it is very beneficial for the health of your cat.

You must also include edible bones in your cat’s regular diet.  In order to include such diet you need to add carcasses, chicken wings, whole fish with small bones, and wing tips of turkey or chicken.

When to feed your cat with whole meal?

The time and amount of the whole meal provided to your cat depends on the age and weight of your cat. If you are making this whole food healthy diet for a kitten then its best to let that kitten eat as much as she likes. Don’t force-feed her as it will be hard on her digestive tract. But if you are making meal for an adult cat then the daily diet must weigh almost 3% of the total weight of your cat.

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