Which is the best wild bird seed? Comparison!

Wild birds don’t get attracted to the every type of seed found in the world rather they are attracted towards some specific kinds of seeds which occupy the place of the wild bird favorite seeds. However, generally rather than eating individual kind of food wild birds are attracted towards the scattered and mixture of seeds. Different kinds of wild bird seeds are available in the market which can be provided to those birds conveniently. This will also help to reduce the wastage of seed as the wild birds will feed only at the food towards which they are naturally attracted. Various kinds of wild bird seeds are as follows with their calories information.

Black Oil Seed

Black oil seeds are considered to be at the top among the best wild bird seeds in the world. These kinds of seeds are suitable for the wild birds as they require greater amount of energy than the domestic birds in order to survive in the wild environment. These are small in size and are quite favorable for the wild birds owing to high amount of energy that they contain. Their shells are fragile and provide ease to wild birds during opening of seeds. Protein is available in quite a large amount in black seeds oil whereas the amount of fat is also quite higher in them than any other wild bird seed.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are easily available for the wild birds and rich in fats and proteins which are potentially essential for the wild birds to bear the hardships of the wild environment. For flying higher and longer wild birds needs food rich in energy and fats so such flower seeds are quite good for them. They are normally a little bit larger than black seed oil so they are convenient in eating for the wild birds which are able to open them and eat them. Their shells are also stronger than other wild bird seeds.

Thistle Seeds

Thistle seed is also named as Nyjer seed, is best for the wild birds. These kind of seeds are rich in calories therefore able to provide required energy and heat to the wild birds. It is better to provide the refined and sterilized kind of thistle seeds to the wild birds as it can save them from getting injured, harmed or infectious.


Millet is also considered to the best kind of seed and is easily available in the market. These are not only energy rich but also compose of the large portion of the seed mixtures for the wild birds in different parts of the world. There are various kinds of millet as red, orange, white, golden and a lot more. Wild birds are attracted towards various kinds of millets in the seed mixture. The shell of millet is neither too fragile nor too much hard for the birds to open it.

So, the wild birds can easily feed at such kind of seeds without doing much hard work.

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