Why and how to use hanging bird feeders?

Although there are various kinds of attractive and beautiful bird feeders available at affordable prices yet the purpose of all kinds of hanging bird feeders is the same. You can even prepare elegant bird feeders at your home. The bird feeders are available in variety of shapes for the different species of birds. Some birds require flat bottom and widened bird feeders whereas the other requires shallow or other kind of bird feeders. Some bird feeders contain different levels for feeding large quantity of birds and some are designed to feed the small birds only.

Besides the unlimited designs, shapes and formations of the hanging bird feeders the most feasible ones are those which provide maximum ease to the birds for getting food and water up to their fill.

Importance of hanging bird feeders

Hanging bird feeders are considered important nowadays because they are the only and the most beneficial way of feeding the birds. Owing to the increasing globalization and cutting of woods and green plants in the world there are very rare opportunities for the birds to get the scattered seeds, insects or other different kinds of natural food products for them. Their search for food is sometimes not only prolonged to several hours but also futile many of the times as there is very less open, green land and fields left. So, the hanging bird feeders provide food in the hygienic and comfortable way for the birds. Birds do not have to wander at several places in search of food whereas for those people who love to invite chirping and singing beautiful birds in their gardens, backyards or other such places, bird feeders are a good source of gathering and feeding the birds.

Preventive measures regarding hanging bird feeders

There are different kinds of precautions and careful steps that should be taken to provide safe place and healthy food to the birds with help of the hanging bird feeders.

Hygienic conditions

There should be intense care regarding the cleanliness of the bird feeders. The owner should regularly clean the feeders and provide purified water and seed mixture or other food at regular basis.

Position of bird feeders

The position of the hanging bird feeder should be selected with a great care as the feeder should neither be too high or too low for the birds to sit and feed at the food. The feeder should be placed at such a place where there is the minimum risk of swinging of the feeder by the air. It should also be placed at away from the places of noise, air pollution and out of the reach of children so that the food and birds can remain safe. Bird feeders should be hanged at places such as with trees, poles, in gardens or other such kind of pillars.

Weather conditions

While putting the food, take care of the weather conditions and cover the hanging bird feeder with some object or plastic if there is rain so that the seed wastage can be minimized. In case of intense heat, you should provide shelter for convenience of birds.

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