Why do dogs chew their paws?

If you have different pets at home then you might be familiar with the different habits of your pets. If you cat loves to lick herself then it’s a common habit among the cats. Same goes for the dogs; most of the dogs love to lick themselves or their masters. But if your dog is constantly chewing on his paws then this definitely is not a normal habit. You might be confused about the fact that why do dogs chew their paws?  Here are some of the most probable reasons that are going to put an end to your confusion regarding the chewing habit of your dog.

  • The first ever reason or you can also say that the most common reason for the dogs to chew their paws is allergy. Most of the dogs tend to chew their paws or other body parts due to the presence of skin allergies. Anything can cause skin allergy to a dog including chemicals, food items, environmental factors, carpeting, etc. If the dog is feeling the irritation of skin allergy in its paws then definitely it will chew its paws to eliminate allergy.
  • Itching is also another factor behind the chewing of paws. Itching can be caused due to allergy. Dogs tend to use their paws to scratch every bit of their body but if their paws are itching, then they have to use their teeth to eliminate that itching.
  • Another common reason behind the paw biting might be those parasites or fleas that irritate the hell out of all dogs. Fleas can invade the coat of any dog or cat. If your dog has fleas, tick or parasites then paw chewing might be another clear symptom that he needs help. If the dog is invaded by the parasites then it will try to kill those monsters with the help of chewing. Parasite bites are very irritating and can be quite painful for your dog. So if your dog is passing through this issue then you need to get him treated for parasites.
  • Most of the dogs also tend to chew their paws to eliminate or decrease the pain of arthritis in their paws or legs. As legs or paws remain constantly in use during the day, so in free time, these body parts tend to hurt the most. Most of the times dogs think that if they start chewing on their paws then it might provide them relief from the pain of arthritis.
  • Another most probable reason is that your dog might have gotten any sort of injury or wound on his paws. Or there is anything stuck in his paws that has been disturbing him. Dogs wander outdoor all day long and anything can create an injury in their paws. You must keep in mind that dogs use their paws as their shoes so if your dog is constantly chewing on his paws then it might mean that something got stuck in his paws and he is trying to pull that thing out with his teeth.

Whatever is the reason behind the paw chewing habit of your dog; its best to observe your dog with great care and then try to resolve the issue in order to control his habit.

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