Why my cat has nose bleed?

Many cats go a lifetime without a nose bleed and this is good. Although, there are those who get into small cat fights and could perhaps get scratched up in some way and receive a nose bleed as well. However, nose bleeds in cats are not very common and are usually a sign for an underlying condition. You should take your veterinarian as soon as possible if your cat has nose bleed. There are a lot of problems you could be facing with nose bleeds with your pet cat.

Some diseases can prove to be fatal and the most common disease associated with nose bleeds is leukemia. Although leukemia in cats isn’t rare it can be treated.

Diagnosis of your cat

It will take quite a few special tests for a veterinarian to determine what the problem is with your cat. And he or she will also have blood work done. Your veterinarian will want to know if your cat has Anemia or not. Another test that might be done could be called a Urinalysis. Thorough tests will be taken to ensure that the proper treatment and care is given to your cat. And that all other possibilities can be ruled out.

You veterinarian will ask you about your cat and its history too. If it has ever had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and any other problems that would cause nose bleeds. They want to be sure so they can rule out everything.  He or she might even ask for x-rays if they feel its necessary.

Treatment for your cat

Once a diagnosis is found your cat will be treated if it is possible. Sometimes there is no treatment or cure depending on the diagnosis. Nose bleeds could be signs of serious problems in cats. Some treatments however include antibiotics, and medication. Some veterinarian keep the cat for observation so as to make sure the cat is doing better. The veterinarian will order an intravenous line or IV for the cat to get medication to it faster. In some situations this is a bonus because it helps the cat get better a lot faster and quicker.

Taking your cat home

Once you take your cat home, be gentle for a while. Remember what it has gone through and it may not want to be messed with for a few days. Give it some space and time and soon your cat will be back to itself again wanting to cuddle and play. Be sure it has clean water and plenty of food and a warm place to lie down. It will come to you when it is ready. Be sure of that. Your cat loves you and appreciates what you do for it. If the veterinarian has ordered a follow-up visit be sure to keep that to make sure your cat is doing better too.

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