Why to avoid feeding wild birds in the zoo?

Feeding the wild birds by the common man is one of the serious and important reasons behind the extinction of many important species of wild birds. The majority of people does not know what to feed and what to not feed to the wild birds. Unconsciously, during the feeding of wild birds we become the reason of their death and ultimate extinction.

Avoid feeding the wildlife is nowadays a famous slogan of all bird lovers. It is not just the slogan but the cry of bird lovers behind the slogan. We should understand the serious threats that we offer to the wildlife while feeding them in the most appropriate way and through the most unsuitable food products. Some of the common ways of wrongly feeding the wild birds are as follows.

  • While visiting the zoo many of us offer animals the food, tinned food products, different kinds of seeds, pop corns, chips and other such kinds of products which are harmful for them. Zoo animals are properly fed by the management with the right kind of food and they do not need our food products. Just for fun many of us throw different kind of items in the houses of zoo birds which sometimes become the reason of their illness or death.
  • National parks are an important way of experiencing the wildlife fun. Majority of us love to see the birds living in the most natural ways. However, while going through such a fun and such a wonderful experience we unconsciously become the source of death of birds by throwing unhealthy, low quality food or sometimes the irrelevant food for birds.
  • The quantity of food to be given to the wild birds is very much important. Sometimes, during the courtesy of feeding wild birds we forget to take care of the quantity of food that we should give to those animals and we give sometimes excess or sometime low than the required quantity of food.
  • Feeding the wild birds is not an important reason behind the death of various birds but also a serious kind of threat to the life of humans as well. While offering the food people get too much close to wild animals which can cause death or injury to them whereas this also motivates the animals to jump over, get closer to or snatching of food by the animals at the hands of humans. There should be a proper limitation and distance between wild birds and humans because they are potentially dangerous for us and should be restricted within the limited areas in order to avoid the direct contact between humans and wild animals.

Apart from such harms, feeding wild birds can be causes of transmission of many animal diseases to the humans as the animal food contain specific kinds of bacteria and other different diseases which can be seriously harmful for us.

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