Wing clipping birds – Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping a bird at your home, especially a parrot or sparrow seems like a great experience as your house with be filled with chirping and tweeting of these birds. Most of the bird owners don’t believe in keeping their birds in a cage all day, instead they tend to reserve a corner of their house for their birds. But the issue is that even if you keep your birds in the cage, they can fly away anytime if they get the chance. The common solution is to clip your bird’s wings so that it won’t be able to reach the sky. Problem is that wing clipping is not an easy task, below are mentioned some of the wing clipping birds do’s and don’ts that are going to help you through the entire procedure.

Things to keep in mind before clipping wings

The question that is mostly asked by new bird owners is that why the wing clipping is necessary? Most of the bird owners tend to avoid this procedure because it seems like a painful procedure. Even though the procedure seems very painful, the benefits of cutting the wings of your bird outweigh the painfulness of the procedure.

If you cut the wings of your bird then it will remain protected from many deadly evils for instance, your bird will not be able to fly to the hot brewing stew in the pot resting on the stove, your bird will not be able to bump into heated iron standing on the top of iron-stand, etc. Apart from the indoor dangers, your bird will also be protected from the outdoor dangers due to the fact that it won’t be able to fly out of the house through the windows, doors or roof holes.

Handling a bird after clipping the wings becomes easier task as you won’t have to run after your bird all the time. You will find it easy to train your bird as it will remain within your range. Apart from all the benefits, you also need to keep in mind that a bird after losing his wings becomes defenseless as it won’t be able to fly away from any dangerous animal such as cat. So, you need to remain alert for your bird’s safety.

Dos and Don’ts of wing clipping

If you are on for wing clipping then you need to follow certain steps:

  • If you are a newbie then its best to seek the practical advice from avian vet or a bird expert.
  • Holding a bird perfectly is the main key to cutting the wings painlessly. Try not to suppress the bird’s chest otherwise you will suffocate it.
  • The best position for your bird to settle during the cutting procedure is to rest on the back. So, if you have grabbed the scissors then rest your birdie on its back and hold the birds head with both of your fingers on each side of the head.
  • Allow the other person to cut the wings, cut long wings at the start and then simultaneously go for the smaller ones.

How much do you want your bird to fly depends on you. If you don’t like it to fly then cut down all seven long feathers, but if you want to allow it to take brief flights then cut down only 3 to 4 feathers and leave the remaining feathers.

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