Yummy reptile foods for your slithery pet

Reptiles are known to be the most fun and amazing creatures on the earth. After hearing the word reptile, most of the people would respond with “ewwww” or “yukh” but the fact is that these amazing creatures have been creating their own universe on this planet since the start of life. In order to study them you need to keep them inside your room and in the entire duration you need to take care of every need of these reptiles. Feeding reptiles is the primary responsibility of the person keeping a reptile pet so you need to possess some information about the type of reptile foods that are suitable for your reptiles.

Importance of reptile food for the reptiles

Reptile food plays an important role in the health and active life of a reptile. If you want to keep your reptile healthy then you need to feed your reptile with a balanced reptile diet. But before going for the reptile diet you must keep in mind that reptile diet varies according to the size and categories of the reptiles.

Small-sized carnivorous reptiles

Those reptiles that are smaller in size and are carnivorous like lizards tend to show a great interest in eating insects. These insects are a great source of vitamins and calcium for the small sized reptiles.

Large-sized carnivorous reptiles

Those reptiles that are included in the group of large-sized reptiles tend to show great interest in eating rodents. These reptiles include snakes or different types of lizards such as monitor lizards.

Famous food items for reptiles

Some of the reptile famous food items are mentioned below:


If your reptile is a small-sized herp then crickets are going to make an excellent diet for it. You might be confused about from where can you get crickets. Well you don’t need to set cricket traps in your garden because you can easily get these crickets from reptile food stores. House crickets are the most famous type of diet for these reptiles. These crickets can also be purchased from various online stores. Most of the reptile feed stores are going to offer you large discounts if you purchase the crickets in bulk.

You can store the crickets in buckets or old large-sized cans, it is important to store these crickets at the temperature of 75 degree Fahrenheit at the minimum.


Mealworms also prove to be a great feed for insect-eating reptiles. Mealworms are going to increase the weight of your reptile as they are much more nutritious than a cricket. If you want to purchase them at low rates then its best to purchase them in bulks. Keeping Mealworms for long time is not an issue as you just have to store them in a five-gallon bucket.

Silk Moth Larvae

Known as silkworms, these worms tend to prove a perfect diet for your reptile. Silkworms are provided non-toxic diet during their raising period so they are known as a safe diet for your reptile. These are usually available at pet expos or online stores.

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